Cold and rainy – Simply Spring Birds and Buds

Well haven’t seen any snow, but it is cold enough. I was reminded once again, when you turn off the furnace, put it back on when you know its going to be cold the next day. Hey I’ve got too much on my mind to remember these things and what’s wrong with your fingers or eyes to check if its on or not – LOL.

Did some machine embroidery again today, reminds me I have towels in the washer that I am preshrinking… <run downstairs and transfer>

Here is one of the new designs from EmbLibrary that was purchased from their Wishful Thinking promotion from this week-end. I am very happy with the outcome once again of their design. This makes a great set for any occasion, remember Mother’s Day is coming up. Was thinking of putting this on my ETSY site, but not sure whether to put it as a set or individually. Can always put in the description area, if interested as both towels and apron, converse with me. Can indicate a price and they can get the whole package deal.

Started a second design, the apron only got completed. That’s why the towels were in the wash. Don’t like to embroider on items that haven’t been preshrunk. The design is being done in green, matching towels will be green. These towels are really nice. They were purchased from All About Blanks. Susan has great quality items and her prices are very reasonable. Have to take a trip over and see what’s new.

These items were done using fast frames. It almost seems that I might pack away my hoops since the frames are working very nicely (any one interested in an extra set of PR 600 hoops). I just found out that they have a jumbo fast frame now. Get this, 12 x 14 sewing field. Guess what <giggle> I’m buying one!!! Lets see, metrothread last week, EmbLibrary yesterday, uhm fast frame tomorrow. Gonna call my sewing store to see what price they will give me. AllBrands has it on sale for 99 bucks, lets see if my sewing store wishes to continue receiving my business by giving me a better deal <wink>.

Okay so time for me to start downloading items to flickr and etsy. I’ll keep you posted on my projects. And guess what – – – ITS SNOWING!!!!! ARGH!!!!!


One response to “Cold and rainy – Simply Spring Birds and Buds

  1. I think definitely a set. It would be an awesome Mother’s day gift!


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