Aren’t these a “Hoot”

On Friday decided to get into the sewing room and do some machine embroidery.

Jennie Baer of Homeberries is known for hand embroidery, but as I stated late last week she is learning to do machine embroidery. Decided to check out her “OWL” design for a couple reasons; owls are popular and there are sew many applications in using an owl.

Here I have put her applique artwork on a purse, mother/child apron (with a cute saying, credit from Allie) and on colorful children’s tote bags. 

The purse that was bought, went to open it so the stitching would be hidden by the lining, but dang, the way the purse was constructed, there was no way that it could be done. Can easily put a pocket over the stitching in the same fabric as the applique.

On the children’s tote bags, small tote is about 4 x 6 for crayons and a medium tote that measures 7 x 8.5 x 3(depth). Used the fast frames for these projects. The small tote was too small for the size of the applique so editing needed to be done through Embird. Added snaps to both totes so #1 the crayons wouldn’t roll out and #2 you can snap the smaller tote to the other one when traveling, that is as long as the item in the bigger bag doesn’t extend the top. These totes would be especially great for the upcoming summer for vacation or little tikes can use it going to the library or to grandma’s, 100 uses!

I really like the design Jennie did and it was so simple. Visit her Homeberries site, on side bar,  to check pricing and her other designs that are available.


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