Pin Cushions or Just Fluttering by

dscf2942Last week I indicated that it would be nice to see some new pin cushion designs. Here is the first one of my designs that I completed last night. These pin cushions are quick to put together and you can elaborate more on the wings with different emblishments. This takes half of a fat quarter to complete. I am planning on doing more butterfly designs in between my other projects.

After stuffing them, I realized that not only can these be pin cushions, but they can be used in a mobile or attached to a thin fishing line, suspended from a ceiling in a sun room or on a porch. You can attach the butterfly to a thin wooden dowel rod and stick it into a potted plant. Remember the birds I did from Spools last year? There are many possibilities to this “Butterfly”.

dscf2940When making my prototypes, I had to be resourceful in completing the body because I lacked the material or supplies. I would use a thick black pipe cleaner for the body instead of rolling a scrap of fleece material that was sewn together. Had some anther in white to make the antennae and glued it to the inside of the fleece. Originally bought the anther for another pin cushion, but it works for these butterflies, just had to use a sharpie black marker.

I have yet to learn how to download the pattern to my computer so that I can learn how to post or link it for me to share with others. Still have to write up the simple instructions, but if you are interested in this pattern, feel free to contact me. I do indicate that you can use this pattern and make as many items as you want, however the design is copyrighted and I would appreciate that you point others to my blog and not post the pattern as yours.

I am sure my sister wouldn’t mind a few of these to go with the birds I did for her last year. She could have them scattered around her room.


One response to “Pin Cushions or Just Fluttering by

  1. Cool beans!!!!!!!! Those turned out GREAT!


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