EmbLibrary Wishful Thinking – April 5th

If you are a member of EmbLibrary and you have purchased from them in the past, this week-end they are having a “Wishful Thinking”. Only until April 5th, purchases of designs or sets that you have in your wish list will be 50% off.

So anything that you put in your wish list, you move over to your shopping cart. When you are ready to check out, click the apply code and put in the code wishfulthinking and your items will be reduced 50%.

Guess what time for me to go shopping!!!


3 responses to “EmbLibrary Wishful Thinking – April 5th

  1. Bummer – they won’t take my wishful money to buy my wishful list, lol! So what are you getting?


  2. What didn’t I buy Allie… LOL

    I bought 5 of the simply spring designs, grabbed the free tulip designs, opted to pick up the tweet design and then took advantage of purchasing all 17 cent designs. I got the 17 cent designs for only 8.

    Didn’t know this, about the 17 cent designs, but there are six different designs that I was purchasing. In order for me to have gotten them all at that price, I had to buy 6 designs. I had to add one more simply spring to my basket.

    My total – under 12 dollars.


  3. hsneedlesltd

    love your designs spotted any on our products yet?????


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