EmbLibrary 17 cent and Free Designs – April 2009

Hi everyone. Busy evening for me. I started sewing my pin cushions. They are adorable. I’m not completely done with the first set but you will really like them. I need to find out how I attach a PDF file so if I provide the pattern you can get it. More learning.

I visited EmbLibrary a few minutes ago and they have their new 17 cent and free designs for the month. I like the 17 cent designs, so I will have to find something to buy. You have a matter of hours to get the previous months free designs.

Here are this months items:

d4698rd4700rThese are the free designs. And they come in two different sizes.

Baseball Bear comes in 4.83 x 5.56 and 3.34 x 3.86.

Tulip Trio comes in these two sizes; 5.58 x 4.84 and 3.87 x 3.52.

Remember you can grab all four sizes just by being a member and putting the items in your shopping cart.

d4702rI really, really like this design of potted flowers. It is one of the six 17 cent designs.

It comes in two sizes, 8.98 x 5.85 and 6.86 x 4.47.

The other 5 designs that they are offering this month are individual designs of each flower pictured here. Each individual potted flower comes in two different sizes. 

d4696rHere is the tweet design for the week. I think its darling.

It would really look nice on an apron that you wear while gardening.

The tweet designs are for a dollar only during the week that they are appearing.

And as with all EmbLibrary designs, it comes in two different sizes; 5.86 x 8.89 or 4.48 x 6.80.

Grab ’em while you can and you will have to visit for the remaining month of April for the other weekly tweets, as I don’t post them weekly.

This week’s designs are called “simply spring”. There are some very nice designs, but you will have to hop on over there to see what they have to offer. 

While you are there check out their sale for the week. You might be interested in something.

Well time to sign off and crawl into bed. It was a very busy day.


One response to “EmbLibrary 17 cent and Free Designs – April 2009

  1. Ooh, almost forgot to head over there – thanks Donna!


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