Go GREEN – Pajama Clutch Purse

 dscf28911Thought I would be productive today and sew something quick and easy.

Here is a clutch purse that I made, no pattern, just grabbed something and started to creative.

Thing is, this material used belonged to a pair of pajamas that I bought on clearance several years ago. Didn’t wear ’em much, just liked the material, a silky 100% polyester.

Took the bottom shorts, ironed all the creases out. Figured on a size then ironed fusible stabilizer to the cut up shorts. Fabric wasn’t squared so remeasured and cut again. Then sewed up the bottom of the purse. Opened the seam and sewed the seam down 1/4 inch from the center of the seam.

Stitched up the side seams leaving 1/2 inch at the top for the front panel flap and for when adding the lining. Did a boxed bottom measuring only 1/2 inch from the point. Finished with the exterior of the clutch purse. Wanted the front panel to be different than others, so taking a piece of fusible stabilizer, laid it across the clutch. Took ruler and measured out the front panel. Dah, I had the purse inside out so when I measured the stabilizer I had the pattern backwards, rut ro.

Taking the top of the pajamas shirt, ironed out the creases. Placed fusible stabilizer and ironed. Took the top and folded at the end of the flap where the magnetic snap would be placed.  Laid material nicely and proceeded to cut around the stabilizer adding 1/4 inch to allow for seam to be right on the line of stabilizer. Sew up the front panel, turn it right side, iron, top stitch around the flap, complete by adding magnetic snap (oh yes I left the top of the flap open because that will be sewn shut when I put it to the body of the clutch). 

Attach the flap from seam to seam on back of exterior of clutch purse. Sewn 1/4 inch to hold in place. Stitched another line a few tacks away from the 1/4 line. Grabbed some plain ‘ol black cotton fabric for the lining. Cut to size, sew seams, ready to add to the purse. Placed clutch inside lining, right sides together. I am forever doing this backwards and usually consult with my daughter, but she was at work. Sew around top, making sure my flap was laying flat inside. Left about 5 inches in the front allowing to turn purse inside out. Add magnetic snap on the exterior of the purse. Fold and press 5 inch opening nicely, ready to finish it off. Top stitched all around the top of the purse all the way around.

dscf2895End product, a very nice polka dot clutch purse ready for the evening out. Interesting what you can do with fabric from a piece of clothing that you once liked, just like my purse that I made from the pink sweater. Left over fabric from this project, can make another style purse or make a wallet to match! Wallet did I say wallet… Ran back to the sewing room and since pockets were not made for this purse, here is a wallet to stuff money, ID or anything else small.


One response to “Go GREEN – Pajama Clutch Purse

  1. TOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! What a GREAT idea.


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