Update Kitchen Towel Swap

Terri notified us that she received the set of towels and a special extra bonus from the lead off man, me. Terri received two different towels because she could not make up her mind which one she wanted. So I sent her the daisies in the watering can and the sunflowers on the striped towel. Her special bonus was a lighted compact mirror with a embroidered cameo on  fabric that had vintage dresses on it. I believe the fabric could have been Michael Miller, but I can’t recall. Glad you liked everything Terri. BTW Terri those designs came from Anita Goodesigns.

I have received two more packages. One from Lauranie and one from my Michigan friend Allie. Lauranie will be getting the one that Terri made and Allie will get Lauranie. I think Allie is really going to like Lauranie’s towel. 

I decided that with the towel swap, I am just going to do a running thing. This way if people happen to stop by and think its over, it won’t be. Since the subject is spring/summer, we have many months to play and do a towel.

I will be posting pictures on my flicker account with in the week. I will post Allie’s as well, this way people will see what towel is next to be sent out.

Oh and guess what, each participant will be getting a bonus. Just for joining in, I will be sending something special to each person as a personal thank you.


2 responses to “Update Kitchen Towel Swap

  1. Hey Donna! Thanks for linking me and the kind words! Can’t wait to get my towel!


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