How do you sew “GREEN” contest – Creative Machine Embroidery

Sew how did I spend my Saturday? Finally in the sewing room. It was a nice “sunny” day, but too cold to go out and do something.

Since I finally signed up to Creative Machine Embroidery site I was aware that they have two contests going on; “How do you sew green” and “How do you sew for Le$$”.

The first contest started on March 1st and the close date is April 15th. There is no limit to entries (didn’t know that, will be doing another entry). You fill out the entry form and provide a photo of your entry. Then you give a brief description of what makes your creation green. They will then post the projects on their site for other’s to view. When the random drawing takes place the winner will receive a grab bag full of machine embroidery products. That is a value of over $50!

dscf2486I’ve been waiting to do my item for some time and this was prior to knowing about the contest. Here is my entry. My submission was received, but there are no other entries at this time. Sew get your thinking caps on and start creating. Hmmm, I wonder if I have enough material to make a matching item for my entry???

BTW – I designed this simple little purse myself this morning. Hubby was wondering what I was doing with the paper bag from the grocery store. This purse has a zipper closure of course on the top. My daughter saw it and laughed, said it looks like it would be for a little kid. Thanks kid!

Well guess I’ll give the “KID” some money to go to Steak and Shake and get a snack for us.


5 responses to “How do you sew “GREEN” contest – Creative Machine Embroidery

  1. That purse is DARLING!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Michelle she’s behind the times, lol. I think it’s very trendy!


  2. This is a cute purse. And thanks for the links for the contest. I had previously blogged about bargain crafting. Cool blog. Thanks! I would have entered your current contest for the software too but I’m on a mac.


  3. Thank you for the compliments… regarding the software – I have a MAC, but also a PC so I know what you mean.


  4. I like the purse! I am not a bag person, but I’ve seen so many cute ones lately that it is making me want to try some out! Maybe that should be the “next” swap! Now to get over my fear of zippers!!


    • I am terrified of zippers myself, but that one was easy putting in. I surprised myself Lauranie. Now I am working on making some new purse designs. Finding the time to make em up will be interesting – as I have been informed I am tagging along tomorrow w/ SO


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