Noriko Handbag – Free Purse Pattern from Lazy Girl Designs

noriko_cover_rgb_smallWhen my hard drive crashed last week I was really sick because I didn’t back up my computer, but I didn’t expect my “MAC” to crash. My sister didn’t either. So I told her I will definitely get that external hard drive. At least it wasn’t my PC that crashed that has all my embroidery designs on it! I would have been sick.

Since I lost all my lovely bookmarks I had to start recreating them once again. But I am getting a little more savvy on how to use this MAC. The other night I was bookmarking my magazine sites. The next night I spent my time doing google searchs to reclaim all my purse patterns that I had acquired. It was hard to remember everything that I once had, but I feel that I got most of my stuff back.

During my google search I stumbled upon a site that had a free purse pattern. I didn’t realize I could download the Lazy Girl Design of the Noriko handbag right from that site, but I had a question to ask. So the site that I hit forward my question to Joan Hawley from Lazy Girl Designs. Joan personally contacted me and provided me with links to her blog, website and facebook. How exciting!!! 

I had to run through all Joan’s posts to find the pattern of the Noriko, quickly reviewing any posts that would interest me, I especially like the recent post about Button Hunt – Finding the Right One. I found it and downloaded the purse and quickly read through the instructions. I was very excited, like it was Christmas already. You know how I love purses!

noriko_open_rgb_smallI was able to answer my own question that I wanted to ask. I thanked Joan for providing me with the link to her blog and asked her if I could post her free pattern on my blog. She said please do. I have since signed up to her blog. I am going to put her site on my sidebar.

This purse is very unique and I have some beautiful material that I want to use to make several of these purses for some of my co-workers that I’ve come very close to. I know you will like this Noriko Handbag too. Go to Joan’s blog and read about it. I think the handbag reminds me of a teardrop, but when it is folded, I see a football as Joan states in her blog.

Thank you Joan for sharing this pattern to all of us.


3 responses to “Noriko Handbag – Free Purse Pattern from Lazy Girl Designs

  1. Do you know if I can get the pattern somewhere? She doesn’t have it on her site anymore. It really is lovely.


  2. Di Hansberry

    Hello I have tried to find the free pattern of the Noriko Handbag at Joan’s Blog, but it is no longer available. Can you forward this pattern as i would love to make this beautiful bag!


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