EmbLibrary Free Designs and 17 Cent Designs March 09

Welcome March.

Two more weeks of snow and cold. Lets hope that’ll be it. Its supposedly snowing right now and it has been very cold this week-end. The wind was whipping like crazy. I’m really tired of the weather and it is not making me productive. I know once the weather is nice I won’t get out because I will be in the sewing room, having energy.

This month we will be moving our clocks up an hour. Daylight savings time! This will take place next Saturday evening or Sunday morning, however you do it. It’ll be nice to have light early in the morning. Now I will know where I’m at. I have a tendency of making a left turn at the wrong location on Mondays’. Note the change.

March will bring us another Friday the 13th. February the 13th didn’t bring any bad stuff, so neither will March. My days fall into each other, so I really never know what day it is anyways. As far as I am concerned, tomorrow is Christmas. I say that because days just go by to quickly.

Free design March 09

Free design #2 March 09

Free design #2 March 09

March brings us to new free designs at EmbLibrary. I’m really learning how to link sites on here <giggle>. 

These two designs come in two different sizes and you can get all four for FREE!

The “Bunny” design comes in 2.79 x 6.87 and would look cute on baby quilt or blanket that comes in the world around Easter time. The smaller design, 1.57 x 3.87 could be put on a t-shirt or you could shrink it smaller to possibly put it on a onesie. If you can get it small enough you could even put it on a baby bib.

The “Daffodil Bouquet” design comes in 5.33 x 4.86 or 3.85 x 3.50. As stated in my previous post, you can put this on a towel for your kitchen as well as other applications.


17 Cent Design March 09

17 Cent Design March 09

And here is the 17 cent design from Emblibrary. Isn’t this cute!!! I showed it to my daughter and she said “It’s not a PEEP”, so I guess she didn’t like it. In order to get the designs for 17 cents you must purchase another design, whether normal price or sale price.

This design comes in several sizes. You can get the design with text in 7.91 x 5.86 or 6.54 x 4.86. If you just want the design without text you can get it in 3.89 x 3.29. 

Several possibilities for this design. You can put it on a towel, kitchen or bathroom hand towel, table cloth or table runner. You can add additional eggs throughout the table runner or on additional edges of the table cloth. You can use the filled design eggs or applique that they also sell.

They have lots of different Easter designs and until Tuesday I believe, they have their BOGO sale, buy one design at regular price, get one free. I should not have looked at the new items for last week. They are for t-shirt tops around the neckline. Oh they are so darling for children. I am staying away…

d4205r We must not forget their weekly tweet design. This is the design for last week that ends next week were you can purchase for a buck. So if you like it, you’d better grab it quickly.

I should let you know that if you are not a member of EmbLibrary, you should become one. They have a birthday club. If your birthday fell in January or February, sorry, but if you sign up, you get a certificate for 10 dollars to purchase designs in your birthday month. Last year I didn’t use mine. I was a real dummy.

Well that’s it for now.



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