Kitchen Towel Swap

It’s been a long time since I put together a towel swap or even participated in one.

I’m feeling pretty frisky and ambitious. I like getting people involved in things like this.

We know how the economy is right now and we are limiting ourselves from purchases. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something new.

Participation to this towel swap would be low cost. Each participant would send me a machine embroidered towel with a self addressed stamped envelope. For this first swap I would like to limit to the United States only. If this swap is successful I will do another one that will be all over, but rules would be different, you would have a swap partner.

Spring and summer is approaching and the theme would be designs falling in those categories. Butterflies, flowers, birds, anything that reminds you of spring and summer.

It is also open season to baseball, so consider me lead off man. The first received towel would get my embroidered set, not one, but a set. I have provided photos of the sets that the lucky first person could choose from. Yes I am giving the first person an option of which set to choose from. Just to let you know, additional postage will be needed, but I will pay the cost. You never know, I might even add a little extra item in this swap. So you have to get yours in as soon as possible. When I receive the first towel, I will contact you, sew you need to make sure that you provide me with your email address. It would be nice that everybody provide their address so the recipients can jot each other a little note that they received their item and thus get to know each other.

The first swapper will then swap their towel with the next towel I receive and sew on and sew on and sew on. I won’t close the swap until it slows down, so you never know it could go for a whole month. The last towel received and closes the swap, will be my towel. I will take photos of all the towels and post them on my flickr account so everybody can see all the participants handy work. I will even post some of them here on my blog.

So lets get the ball rolling. Post below a note and send me an email at my alternate address, for my mailing address. Here are the towel sets, the ants you get both ants and you have a choice of either blue or orange the other flower towels, you will get a set of two. If I receive two towels on the same day, both will get a set to choose from. If you both pick the same set, my daughter will pick your name from a hat. Lets have some FUN and refer your friends to join in. The more the merrier. 



13 responses to “Kitchen Towel Swap

  1. Sounds like fun! Cannot wait!


  2. Ok!! I’m in!!! gg


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  4. gemgardenia

    Me?? This Terri? ;O
    Do I tell you here? or in an email??


  5. Well….this is hard!!! hmmmmm…..I love the green striped one with flowers and then I think I love the white one with the blue watering can next….So just surprise me!! How’s that!! lol


  6. Ok – I’m in too! *G*


  7. Terri – I will get your towels in the mail first part of next week. Its been crazy on this end and next week is going to be even crazier.


  8. I’ve never participated in anything before, so what the heck! I’m in!


  9. Thanks for joining in Lauranie.


  10. Terri aka gemgardenia

    OHHHH!! Guess what I got today!! Bright and cheery ME towels for my kitchen! And a little extra sweet surprise….Thank you Donna!! I love them!!


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  12. Hi are you still doing towel swaps. Im in one locally here in Oklahoma and am always looking for ideas


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