Update Metro Embroidery Threads

King Cones $1.89

King Cones $1.89

I didn’t order my extra king cones of embroidery thread, but I figured I’d stop over to Metro Embroidery Threads to see if their king cones where still available at 2.25.

King cones, 5000 meters or 5500 yards of 100% polyester thread is even lower than my last post. The cost of each spool is now 1.89 each.

What a sale. Time to look over the colors once again and put in an order. I really do love their thread.

I love google searches!


2 responses to “Update Metro Embroidery Threads

  1. This came from my friend Allie, but she posted it to the wrong post so I am putting it here!!! Donna…

    Hey Donna – Cathy says thanks for the blog post about Metro Embroidery Thread – hers came today and she LOVES it. She’s going to use it in her son’s quilt, all dragon embroideries.


  2. I still haven’t gotten back to them to order more. OH BTW Guess what I got in the mail today! Yes the quilt came. I said to Chuck how did Allie get a King size quilt in such a small box, he said – she used one of those bags that takes all the air out of em. I lost all concentration and he said hurry up and open it, but I haven’t yet… doing next!


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