Machine Embroidery on paper

I’ve sewn on several different types of paper, but I’ve never embroidered on kiwi paper. I sorta don’t like the patterns of the kiwi paper and well the other thing is, everybody is embroidering on kiwi paper. Kiwi paper I feel is basically used for acrylic items, thus limitations.

Remember, I like to be different in my creativity. I believe in a previous post I indicated that I purchased my paper items from a art store in town. Unfortunately they don’t carry some of the neat stuff they used to. I have found a site on the internet that has some fabulous items, but at the time they were on vacation or redoing their website. 

I am really particular on my purchases. I would rather be able to see in person the product. The reason for this is when looking at the product, you can feel the texture of the paper. Feeling the texture allows you to visualize if it can be used for embroidery.

I always ask myself questions. Is the paper too flimsy, will it tear easily. If stabilizer or fabric is used underneath the paper will it add depth? Depending on the density of the design, what will it do to the paper.

I’ve not obtained any rice paper that I’ve liked, however I did see some that was beautiful, but when I went back to get it is was gone! It was white with oriental designs in it. I’ve purchased some paper that is thick because it is a form of pulp process and it has very small dried leaves on it. My plan is to use this paper to embroider plant life on it. Thought process forming, I wonder if Anita Goodesigns Fritillaria Wall Scenes would look good on this paper. I would definitely have to make sure I use a stabilizer on the back. Then I have to consider the piecing of it together. Never did a wall scene.dscf1090_21

This item was a gift to my sister who lives on Lake Michigan. The embroidered design with the chairs was done on paper and if I recall (I don’t remember) blue fabric behind it. The design was shrunk to fit the area and the density in areas was heavy. The first attempt the paper was tearing and I really didn’t want to use a white stabilizer behind it. So to add dimension or effect, I put the blue behind it. The color also brings out the texture in the paper. It is not wrinkled paper, its strands of woven fiber running through it. 

The white seashell underneath it. That is done on wood paper. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the stuff. It is not balsa wood. Gonna tell you, I did use a stabilizer behind it because of the density and it did tear around the bottom. Well guess that’s why we have glue sticks to hide imperfections.

The last seashell. When you have toile work, that is the best to work on paper. I love this white paper and I CAN’T GET IT ANYMORE. I am going to take a piece to the art store and see if I can get more of it. This paper is great because it has texture and dimension. (OMG my power cord was off and I almost lost all of this) Yes the swirls in the paper that you see, they are actually pressed in the paper. The swirls remind me of waves. I didn’t go the extra mile on this piece, I was to take sand and sprinkle it across the shell and paper. Now we don’t want to get too creative do we.

The two small boxes were just to small to do anything and that is why I took a darker piece of the wood paper I purchased and glued two small neat seashells to the piece. Nope I take that back. I put the wood paper inside the glass and glued the seashells to the glass on the outside!

See how much you can do with machine embroidery. You can take a piece of embroidery and make it a piece of art. And you are having fun doing it!


One response to “Machine Embroidery on paper

  1. Girl, that is amazing. The white paper under the shells looks like the beach. I LOVE that!


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