What to do if you buy curtains that are too short

We always have lessons to learn and one lesson that I seem to never learn is to measure length of windows when buying curtains, but then again, when I buy curtains, I usually am buying them on a whim.

Two weeks ago before going on vacation I was being rushed to get some major and minor things done. If I would have know that I would have had an extra day, I would not have rushed. 

JC Pennys had a terrific sale going on. We were in need of new towels and I figured buy several sets. I fiddled around and found the towels that would look good in our pale purple room, then grabbed a small area rug. I was looking at the curtains they had to offer but nothing short nor plain.

Decided to check out the drapery department to see what they had to offer. Even with retail stores, they usually don’t have short curtains for windows that are in the tub/shower area. And if they do, they are patterned or colors that won’t fit my decor. Ended looking at kitchen curtains, which guess what, where on sale! Found some real nice small checked shears in plain white. Got the longest length, 36 inches, thinking they would be just right.

Got home washed everything and then went to put the curtains up. You did it again sweetie, too short. Now you have to consider, the window is a customized size window, so it is very hard to get the right size. The plastic curtains we used to get were always way too long, thus the ones I just tossed out, I made. My SO liked them cause they were shear with colorful stripes that brightened the room as well as let light in.



So this morning after I shoveled our nasty, crappy snow, I took the curtains down and took out all the stitching on the top. My decision was to add lightweight white fabric at the top. Wasn’t sure how much was needed, decided 10 inches would be sufficient. Put a 1/4 inch seam on both sides of new fabric, sewed both items together. Ironed seam upwards, folded the white fabric to met the seam of the curtain. Didn’t have to worry about white fabric fraying because I made sure that the tightly woven selvage was at that end. Top stitched all fabrics together and then stitched another line. Ironed again. Then stitched 1 inch from the top and did another line of stitching about two inches for the rod. Took the one panel and hug it up. Perfect and that panel looked really nice. I then did the second panel and then hung it up. You would think that they were made that way and I could easily go to the fabric store and see if I can find some lace that matches what is on the bottom of the original curtains and put it were the two fabrics meet. This took me no more than two hours to complete and now my bathroom looks very nice and complete.

After I finished the curtains, I cleaned and scrubbed the bathroom to show off my handy work. Even my daughter said I did a nice job. Next project who knows, but after I did some more cleaning, I picked up my yarn to finish another scarf. I don’t think winter is done with us yet.


4 responses to “What to do if you buy curtains that are too short

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  2. I quickly stopped by the site you provided and it will be good reading for the evening.

    I was surprised to see that it was stated that for small bathrooms you should go with pastels, which I did. Maybe when I did the room in olive we felt closed in, thus the change.

    Tonight I will sit down and look over your site more. I want to see what you have to say about small bedrooms, as my converted bedroom to sewing room is currently orange and the color actually made the room look larger. I want to see if you have any suggestions on storage for the room as well.

    Thanks for posting and providing your site!


  3. Thanks and thank you for stopping by


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