Project Creative Machine Embroidery – Eye Mask

Yesterday I was making eye masks that were purchased at EmbLibrary. The two items in yellow are the items I made. They are done in the hoop but I have issues with all in the hoop designs. They seem to be too small, so part of my changes, I made the mask pattern larger and took the design and decreased it. The other thing I had problems with, where do you put the ribbon!!! With the pattern Creative Machine Embroidery gives you, they tell you exactly where to put the ribbon, this is the mask in white. When I get home I will compare both patterns to see if one is bigger than the other. 

Unfortunately I was not a e-newsletter member with CME in January, I did not receive the design, however I can purchase the design for 10 bucks. I’ve been a subscription member for some time and never thought of signing up for the newsletter. Well now I have done so, so I can get extra added bonuses. 

I added a plus to my eye masks. In the pattern from EmbLibrary the back is open. I made a smaller closed eye mask with WaterSorb crystals in it. WaterSorb is used for cool ties for the troops. When you put the item in cold water the crystals absorb and swell up. I can then put one of the smaller eye mask in the stitched embroidered cover. It takes away stressed, puffy eyes and headaches. Then when not in use, put in a zip lock bag and put in frig to keep it cold for next use. And if the eye mask cover gets dirty, I can easily hand wash and hang to dry.

I know in the month of April each CME reader will receive a free embroidery design to promote Husqvarna Viking’s “go green” program. If you are a reader, visit for more information of this free offer.


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