Acai Berry, Colon Cleanse Scam

Okay so I took the bait and got hooked.

DO NOT request for free samples of Acai Berry or Colon Cleanse products from the internet or on blogs! They indicate that you will only pay for the shipping of these products. You not only pay for the shipping, you pay for the pills later on, plus you might get hit for a subscription to a fitness program that you don’t request.

I had a total of 6 charges. A telephone charge, when I requested over the internet, 2 shipping charges for the pills, when I only received half a order of the colon cleanse pills, 2 charges of 90 bucks each for both the acai berry and colon pills and a 30 dollar subscription to a fit program. 

These charges appeared just recently while I was on vacation. I contacted my credit card company and they are currently aware of the scam and canceling my card and expediting a new card. Once I receive documentation and my next statement, I have to circle all charges and send back to them.

I want to indicate that I feel that the pills that I received worked. Some articles I’ve read, indicated that some of these pills that they are sending aren’t even what they pose to be. That went through my head too – they could just fill caplets with who knows what.

I had energy, felt my weight was going down, etc., etc., etc. However, one thing that they do not tell you is that with the cleanse, it is cleaning out your system and you should not take these pills with other prescription meds because you are removing these meds out of your system before they work. You need to take these pills 2 hours before or after you take any prescription meds. I learned this from my doctor. 

After I ordered these freebies, a week later I was noticing a lot of blogs on these pills and looking at before and after pictures. Something didn’t seem right. That is when I found out that there is a scam out there, but I didn’t know the extent of it. Now I know. 

I still believe the system works, but I will buy the products from my GNC store in the future. GNC has acai berry (on sale 15 bucks for 60 pills opposed to the 30 that I got and paid 90) and they have several other colon cleanse items too!

So again, if you get trapped into this scam, contact your credit card company and dispute all charges!


4 responses to “Acai Berry, Colon Cleanse Scam

  1. but i have some other thing to say… There are also more of the scams everywhere in every field
    and you must be aware of this of them in this field as well…you might have exp some worst websites products and this is why you are upset with it…

    also would like to add that acai berry contains antioxidant which helps to loose weight…its all of the greatest product which has got a top ranking in most popular website..

    the other main thing is that its very necessary to do regular exercises with acai berry to maintain metabolism activity….

    Thanks for the post


  2. There are also more of the scams everywhere in every field and you must be aware of this in acai berry filed as well…but not to blame acai berry as it is most useful thing to loose weight…


  3. To both responders regarding the Acai berry: I love the product and will continue to use the product, but will purchase elsewhere.

    Upon receipt of my credit card charges, there was another additional charge for foreign purchase.

    I know there are so many scammers out there and it never hit me that this one would be because of Oprah and Rachael Ray promoting it.

    I don’t need to loose much weight, but like I said I notice the difference and I have lots more energy.

    Thanks for responding!


  4. When I first saw the ad I was impressed, but when I noticed several others which same to follow the same script, I suspected a scam. I was fooled by one of those free trials before and had to cancel my credit card. I too decided to by from GNC instead. I just wanted to know if the combo really does work. Is there any true story not related to this free trial?


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