Evening – Input on Embroidery Home Decor

As a machine embroider I was wondering if I could get feedback from both embroiders as well as people who would purchase embroidered items.

In purchasing home decor items for lets say your kitchen, what type of designs would you be looking for. Would it be chefs, chickens, coffee designs, italian items or what? What is popular out there even if the designs aren’t made for retail stores, what would tickle peoples’ fancy?

Lets say you want a collection for the kitchen that consists of chef apron, towels, and maybe something else like a cozy for a toaster. Or you have plain canisters for your flour, sugar, tea or coffee and you wanted to spice up the decor of those canisters. Would you want a piece of material with a design of your home decor choice that easily wraps around the canister and holds in place with velcro. Or what about a bottle apron that you put on your dish soap bottle? What would you be interested in? 

I am looking for input from people who would purchase sets, as well as home machine embroiders, that have made sets that they sell at craft shows or else where.

Then you have the occasional person who likes lady bugs, dragonflies, penguins, or even birds or birdhouses. Do you believe that chef aprons, towels and such would be appropriate? What other favorites is out there that I wouldn’t be aware of?

I am trying to get this input not only for my etsy site, but I am looking for popular items. Even interested in items for the bathroom, whether the master bath or the half bath. 

Can you please let me know. I really would appreciate it.

I am traveling right now and will approve your messages as soon as possible.


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