Metro Embroidery Thread Big Cones 2.25 each

baner23 I was doing some surfing the other day looking for embroidery thread kits for my new embroidery friend. I couldn’t remember where I purchased a previous kit, so I just did a google on machine embroidery thread kits. 

Up popped this site. I’ve never heard of Metro before, but I figured why not check out their wares. I was shocked when I saw that they currently have a sale going on.

See a few weeks ago I was making free standing lace heart shaped boxes. A small cone, I can only do 3 hearts. I figured if I plan on making a bunch of free standing lace items, I will need big cones. Wednesday I placed an order for a total of 8 big cones. Like I said, what the heck.

My purchase came today. I opened the box and was really surprised. I ordered all pale colors for some free standing lace purses, hankies, hearts and 3D items. Even though the threads are pale, they are really, really brilliant. Had to run upstairs and load some designs in my PR 600. I stitched out a purse in pale yellow. Beautiful… Next one, pale green. Wonderful… Stopped after that cause it was time to prepare dinner. 

Lets just say this, these poly big cones are great. And the price of 2.25 each is a steal. Unfortunately they don’t have any in white, which I needed. The sheen of this thread is really, really nice. 

Planning on placing another order. I forgot with the hearts I am making, I was suppose to buy 2 cones, so now that I like the product, I will buy more of the pink as well as some of the other colors they have. Take a stop at their site. If you end up buying some cones, let me know your opinion. Here is their site and they only take orders over the internet.

Mini Cones .75 cents each, 20 color kit $55.00, bobbins, two types – cardboard and magnetic (which I really like).

Like their site says: “Try it and see the difference”. I did and I like it! Click on the picture and you’ll be directed to the site.


49 responses to “Metro Embroidery Thread Big Cones 2.25 each

  1. I love this store. Their products are wonderful.

  2. I love it too! Tanks for commenting on their site and their thread!


  3. My only concern is not knowing how much the shipping is until after I have entered my cc#. I have emailed them twice to ask and haven’t received a response.

  4. Claudia Mott

    I find the cost of shipping to be high, I like there thread and the small spools, that have a way at the bottom to secure the end of the thread. I wonder if this company has heard of the USPS one price shipping method. Like $4.95 for a small box and 8.95 for a larger box that will hold a lot of thread. It would surely cut the cost of shipping by a lot for those of us living on soscial security.

    • USPS goes by weight, and they charge extra for insurance and for tracking.

      What did you get and what was the shipping?

  5. Claudia –

    I need to contact Max and I will mention him about this issue. He is willing to listen.

    Thank you for your post.


  6. Helen Butts

    I am a new customer. I bought the 116 package of thread. Best move I ever made. I look forward to using them every day. I will always be your customer. Thanks Helen

  7. I am getting ready to place my first order! When I came across this site I was very excited. I run a non profit horse rescue and our budget is pretty much at the zero level. Anyway no one can beat your price per spool right now – I can afford to get the few that I need. Been staying busy making things to try and sell to help the horses (feed, hay, farrier, vet).

    I’m sure I will be completely satisfied and will be a forever customer.

    {whisper whisper} Oh and if Metro would like to make a donation to a 501(c)3 non profit horse rescue – we would gladly accept. 🙂

    Thank you for having a wonderful site and for having very reasonable prices!

    I hope everyone has a great night and a wonderful 2010!!

  8. Just got the metro threads. Hope they work as good as they look.

  9. This thread is better than wonderful. It flows like a charm and the color is incredible. Because of the great flow your stitches are very even and looks extremely professional. Makes for easy sales !! However, I agree with Claudia Mott in that shipping would be less if they took advantage of USPS flat shipping. I’m willing to wait the extra days for the difference in price, even to placing larger orders. Also,would be nice to be able to speak to a sales representative when you have questions in re your order.

  10. Hi Just placed first order. Prices are great!!!
    Even with shipping cost. I hope that the thread is as good as it was reported. I will be sure to spread the word if it is so.

  11. Glad all of you are happy with the threads as well as I am. I’ve been doing a lot of stitching lately however been neglecting to post. I’ll try this weekend to show what I’ve been up to!!!

    Thanks everyone for the reviews 🙂

  12. Hi to all: I am new to machine embroidery. I just purchased a Baby Lock Ellure Plus and was looking around for some thread. You are all correct. The prices here are great and it looks like they have been working on the cost to ship also. Please excuse my ignorance but, is all machine embroidery thread the same weight, and does anyone know if I can use the pre-wound plastic bobbins with the Ellure Plus? any help would be appreciated.

  13. I purchased the 20 large spools, can’t wait to receive. But I emailed back a few minutes later as I wanted to add to my order, without paying a extra shipping fee. No one answered my email.

  14. Few things, the cost of shipping is decided by UPS and USPS, not Metro. There are no up charge’s for shipping. If you go to the post office and choose the same size box that Metro uses, you will be charged the exact same amount as Metro charges.
    As far as the phone, that would create a higher price for the thread, think about it – phone $’s, person to answer the phone and take notes, = more dollars. In order to keep charges at a minimum for us, please use the contact us on the home page. Metro will answer all questions, but it all takes time.
    I have used this thread since it first came out on the market. I LOVE METRO thread, I appreciate the great cost, and will never use any other thread. If Metro has to go up on the prices due to getting the toll free phone number, and hires someone to answer it, and the cost goes up, I will still only use METRO. I really do love the thread that much. I have tried many, many brands that don’t run. I have no trouble with Metro thread.
    So, I just had to put my 2 cents in, and hope everyone loves the thread as much as I do. Their colors are so brilliant, and it runs on all my machines. I have a 15 needle commercial, a Janome 11000 MC, and have had others, that I no longer own. The thread ran flawlessly on all.
    Thanks for allowing me to speak up.
    Sue in FL

  15. Patricia Wood

    I purchased the 166 colors kit a couple of weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. I had a problem with a couple of spools, emailed and within a couple of hours got an email back telling me that they were sending me two replacement spools. Got them 3 days later. will never buy from anyone else again. I love the metro thread. Such good people to deal with.

  16. I purchased the 166 spools and the 55 variegated. I have tested using a couple of cones. Worked great on both the Designer SE and the Pfaff 2144 (upgraded to 2170). I also order 2 thread chest. I a problem with some of the drawers being hard to slide in and out. Metro contacted me and will be sending me new thread chest. So far I am extremely pleased with this company

    • Beverley Sabo

      Hi Pamyjo,
      I just received a Pfaff embroideryy machine. Someone said to only use Rayon thread in it. Is that right or can I buy these polyester threads?
      Also what type do I use PES OR ???? FOR A 2170 pFAFF MACHINE?
      tHX, bEVERLEY

      • Bev –

        Searching the web here is the format you would use for your Pfaff – The New Pfaff Creative Vision uses .VP3 embroidery design format. The format that was use for a short poriod of time was .VIP most of the new creative Paffs will also work with .VIP For older machines use .PCS Popular creative range eg 2170, 2144 and 2140 use the designs with the extension .VP3 For Pfaff models 2124, 2134 buy .VP3 format you’ll be safe. Older machines like the creative 7570, 7562 and 7550 use .pcs format

        Here is a blur that I found from Threads article about the differences between the two so you can make your decision. I also included info about cotton. if you would like to read the whole article here is the URL

        Rayon thread—This thread is the most popular choice overall because of its attractive high sheen, widespread availability, and consistent trouble-free performance, holding up to high-speed stitching without breaking or fraying. Rayon thread comes in a wide range of solid and variegated colors, as well as in a new “twist” thread composed of two or more solid colors twisted together to form a single strand, which adds automatic shading and dimension to flat designs. Most rayon threads are available in a standard 40 wt. and a thicker 30 wt. (in terms of thread sizing, the higher the number, the finer the thread). Polyester embroidery thread—Popular and economical for embroidery, polyester thread provides an effect similar to rayon and comes in various colors. It won’t shrink, fade, or bleed, so it’s great for children’s clothes. Rayon thread has a slightly higher sheen than polyester thread, but the two are interchangeable and perform similarly without breaking or fraying. When they’re combined in a single design, it’s hard to tell the difference. Cotton embroidery thread—Cotton thread is often overlooked for use in automatic embroidery machines. However, it performs beautifully and has a lovely, soft sheen. It’s available in weights up to a very fine 100, which is considered heirloom quality. But finer threads tend to be weaker, so 30- or 50-wt. cotton thread is more appropriate for machine embroidery because it’s stronger and provides better coverage.

        Hope all this information has helped you.


  17. About – Our first order was right. Second order from these people was not but they made it right. Third order was not right and have not had a response from them. We are out 16 spools of thread and can not get ahold of anyone.

  18. Denise Gartner

    I would like to know if Metro sells and ships their boxes of Pre Wound Bobbins and Stabilizers to Canadians?
    Will they ship them by USPS to Canada?

    When I emailed about this they said they would be adding them to the International Page but I don’t see any information on them there.

  19. I ordered for the first time. There was a small mix up in the order but Max had it fixed by the next day and out the door that day. The fasted fixed to a order that I have ever had . I ordered the wood cabinet (2) and the a lot of thread .I love the cabinets but I love the colors more. Please tell Max thank you for the quick fix and no hassle!! I will be ordering again again thank you Max

  20. Hi,
    I am a longarm quilter and wonder if any other
    longarmers out there have used Metro to quilt with? I used to love ARC…but it no longer exists.

  21. Debra Roberts

    I love this thread & fast service when you have a problem my machine is very picky about thread but this thread works great,awesome colors & prices will continue shopping here thanks for reasonable prices.

  22. Ladies I am soooo happy that you all enjoy Metro thread and their service. Now I know Martha had an issue about her orders and I hope that it was resolved in a good fashion as I know Max is a very busy person and he sometimes doesn’t get back to you quickly.

    As for the ladies that are long arm quilters, I don’t know the answer, I would simply call or try a spool.

    And as for the shipping outside the states, another thing that you would have to contact their customer service. If you get responses I would greatly appreciate if you give an update to this blog.

    I am doing well!!!!


  23. All I have to say is Orlando has the best prices and best quality thread available out there. He’s not trying to make a killing on his stuff like the rest out there! Try it out if you want to save your money. I have been very pleased with his prices and customer service. I have been very busy embroidering and forgot to tell him thanks! But there is one thing i would like to see being offered, is metallic thread.

  24. I have bought the small spools of embroidery thread and just love the sheen and the way it sews. Little to no breakage. The colors are beautiful. I do wish the shipping wasn’t so much though. I do a lot of embroidering and I am always looking at threads. the next set of threads I would like is the 166 spools. Thanks Metro for a wonderful thread.

    Cindy Smith
    Clinton, Ct

  25. Amanda Schexnailder

    I wish I could have a positive post, but I have had nothing but breaking with this thread. As soon as I switch threads, everything stitches beautifully. I order a lot of spools and regret it now. I guess you live and learn.

  26. I have emailed twice now requesting a price for shipping. I want to buy both the 166 spool package and the 55 varigated package. I agree that this website probably has the best prices out there, however your lack of response to my emails (especially when it says that you’ll get back to me within 24 hours and it’s been over 2 weeks) has pretty much made my decision for me to go and shop elsewhere….

  27. Do they have a conversion chart? So you know what colors to use when the designs use a different brand? Thanks

  28. Have tried to order thread with the shipping included. However, I keep getting stopped by neeeding the shipping method. How is that when the shipping is included with the thread pruchase. I try to send E-mail but not luck there. Can you only send e-mail during business hours? Am very discouraged at this point.

  29. I bought the 166 + the 55 varigated. LOVE this thread. I have purchased thread before that did nothing but unravel and break. Had to throw it out. This is god quality. Made beautiful Burp cloths with baby themes on them. Well worth buying.

  30. Has any one bought any machines from Metro? I am new to embroidery. The prices here are great compared to other dealers….. you know the saying “if it seems to good to be true it probably is”…..
    any feedback from any one?

  31. Hey Joe I didn’t know that they sold machines.


  32. I have purchased Metro’s variegated and solid threads for about 2 years now. I use 2 strands of the variegated in my serger’s upper looper for edging placemats for Christmas orders this past year, and it’s GORGEOUS used this way!!! Just lengthen your serger stitch a bit and loosen the looper tension. The sheen is so much like rayon threads!!!~ There are not that many companies out there that offer 100% poly embroidery thread that’s VARIEGATED, so this company fits my needs exactly!! I have also used it in my sewing machine for embellishing shirts, to match the embroidery designs I’ve stitched.

  33. hi, good site very much appreciatted

  34. Jean Lehnherr

    I just used the Metro thread for the first time. Love the sheen and the color. I really like the small spools. I find the shipping no worse than shipping from other companies where I shop for other things.

  35. I received my order today and was short 1 cone. I tried to contact them via their website and was unable to do so. Apparently their page is not working. I tried calling them and received a recorded message. Love their thread but I wonder why they have so many problems. Joan

    • I know I am getting back to you late on this and I hope your issue was resolved. I know they are good about helping and sometimes slip an extra spool for good customer satisfaction. I missed their great sale they had recently, like I need more thread, but when it comes to certain colors you never know when you will run out

  36. It’s insane for it to take months to restock the thread chart so one can get the right colors. I like the way the thread looks and sews, but the colors were very off from what I saw on 2 different computers. They could be doing a phenominal business.

  37. Have order twice from themlove the thread but cn’t get a responce from them for bobbin thread to wind my own bobbins. It’s a bummer because i have emailed and looked for phone with no responce. can’t even find out how many bobbins are in their prewound ones, it doesn’t state a number enclosed.

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