Design your own fabric

3037757855_530d496226Have you ever wanted to design your own fabric and then use it for one of your projects.

If you didn’t already know this, now you can design your own fabric and have it printed on high quality 100% cotton from Moda. The swatches shown here are actually created by individuals like you and me.

These particular pieces are the first for a weekly contest and the winner receives 5 yards of either their fabric or other fabrics that are for sale in the future. This is a 100 dollar prize. The other contestants will receive sample fabric, as a parting gift. Which ever fabric is chosen as the winner for the week, can be purchase the following week. 

Now to introduce Spoonflower. It is a site that helps you get your design onto fabric. What you do is save your design that youv’e created in a TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF. File must be less than 25MB. You set up your resolution, upload your design to Spoonflower. You can center your design on the fabric or have Spoonflower place the design in a basic repeat, half-step repeat, or a half-brick repeat. They have information regarding colors and a few quick tips regarding colors. There is so much too absorb on their site, you must go to it. They even have detailed information for photoshop users on color notes and if your not a photoshop user, well they have tips and free tools for creating digital fabric designs. Go to my sidebar to visit and possibly become a member. There is a FLICKR site too. 

You can explore all the members designs. The amount of people that use Spoonflower for their projects is unbelievable. You can see their items on Etsy. Spoonflower has hit the latest issues of Craft magazine and Stitch (new mag published by Quilting Arts). I found out about creating your own fabric through my sister who is an artist. She sent me Photojojo a DIY-photography newsletter and they had a blurb about Spoonflower. 

Pricing is very reasonable; 4 x 4 square is 5.00, fat quarter is 11.00 and a yard is 18.00.

I’ve been wanting to write about Spoonflower since I signed up to be a member, its just finding the time to read and write about it. I still have sew much to absorb. Hopefully I will have a design on there, but finding the time!!!!


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