Purses anyone……

035204_lgThere is a magazine coming out on December 9th. Its called Quick Stuff to Sew. I don’t know if you can get this magazine from JoAnns or not but I am on the look out for it because of the quick and easy purse patterns. They are really cute aren’t they? Very simple too!

Craftstylish.com puts this magazine out and I missed the first volume, but can still order it. I checked Amazon.com, but they are all out of the Spring issue. So for right now I’ll just sit on my hands and wait. If I can’t wait I’ll order from the direct source and pay a shipping fee of 3.99 (yikes).

Have any of you seen the templates for the bag patterns that Nancy Zieman came out with that Clover now sells? Its called Trace & Create. It runs for 19.95 and comes out in two different styles. You have the Town & Country Bag and then the City Bag. They are sold individually. I was going to enter a contest to win these items from SewNews, but I didn’t get my entry in soon enough. 

t80_a72ec99be3bcbca45f5fceb9d95ed8a62t80_1fecfad195baa6eabaa986a998b73942-13Here are what the templates look like. Sorry they are so small but I couldn’t enlarge the diagrams. You can make up to six different designs, but then again you could go wild.

The blue templates, is the City Bag Collection. Comes with two templates; main pattern and flap. If you’ve ever made tote bags before, that is simply what the City Bag Collection is. It shows you on the template where to place straps/handles, darts, pocket on the inside lining, and gives you 2, 3, and 4 inch placement for creating your side/bottom of the bag. You can also just make the tote flat.

Pink templates, the Town & Country, 3 templates, main, gusset and flap. As with the City Bag, you can create a flat purse. The template shows where to place darts, or a series of gathers, the gusset, flap and handles. This would be great for the beginner. As I saw a closer look in SewNews, I got ideas, but don’t need the templates to make.

I really do like making purses and I have to get back into making them. I was suppose to work on that apron this week-end but I never got to it. We went out and bought our daughter her b-day present (flat screen tv with DVD player attached) and then other crap. Then when we got home I had to run back to the store cause the wireless mouse I bought wasn’t MAC friendly and the American Flag wasn’t one that slid on the pole. So as I was shopping the second time around without hubby, I made more purchases and got what I was suppose to.

Got home, missed our son a second time and wondered why “our” tv was sitting on the floor (thinking my hubby took our daughters out of the box) but “no” our son went out and bought us a flat screen tv for Christmas. What a wonderful kid!!! He said he couldn’t stand watching football with lines across the top. I was in agreement with him, yet old man couldn’t see any lines. Last night I made fun of hubby and today both son and I kept telling dad that there were lines, son even plugged it in again. He still didn’t see them. We both told him to take his postcard from the eye doctor and get new glasses.

Well this week is a 4 day work week. I have to use up some of my 15 vacation days. So for the next 2 weeks they’ll be short. Work a full week, then I will have 3 more weeks of 2 or 3 days. Then I’m carrying over 8 days. I’ll be able to work on that apron in the next 2 weeks. Possible craft show week-end of Thanksgiving and then one in December.

OMG – I forgot I got a envelope from London. Lisa Lam, u-handbag, sent me my prize pattern of Amy Butler. Gotta run and open it up.


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  1. Hello

    Another great post…thank you for your continued contributions. I totally agree with your approach and conclusion.


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