5 free designs

Do you want to know how to get the above 5 designs for free?

EmbLibrary is having a special sale this week-end. I received an email on Friday indicating that they were having one of their Happy Hours. Pick 25 of EmbLibrary designs and put them in your shopping basket. When you are through in the “apply code” area, type in *SantaSaves25*, then click *APPLY*. Watch the price on all the designs go to $25.00. Yup thats right 25 designs for $25.00. I currently have 20 designs picked out and I am at $73.00, I just have to find 5 more that I am interested in. Now you want to know how to get those additional designs –

Well after you purchase your designs. Go to your Order History Menu (remember you need to be a member). Look for VIP Embroidery order. There they are. Your free gift. These free designs are really nice. So make sure you don’t pick them in you are getting 25 designs…

BTW – This ends on Sunday, November 16th at 11:59 central. So don’t waste time, get looking now. You do have to pay via credit card. 

Glad I held back last week when they had their other special – they had 50% off on their design packs and individual designs. This week you really “SAVE”.


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