The week-end has arrived – Machine Maintenance by Jim

Sew happy the week-end is here. I am getting spoiled about not working. Yesterday off and when I take a 3 day week-end, I don’t want to go back. Soon I will have many 3 day week-ends and even some 5 day with the holidays approaching. I will have 8 days of vacation that will go into 2009. 

There is a lot of re-org going on at work and their still battling it out. I can’t believe it. I heard that it’ll change again the first of the year. It really puts me in a pickle because I have to do all this admin stuff and then I have to remove or add more people. Oh well thats the corporate world for you.

Yesterday night my g-friend Kim and I talked for hours. We haven’t touched based in months. I didn’t know she quit her job at JoAnn’s Fabric. She’s in real estate and she said in February she was so busy she couldn’t do JoAnn’s especially at 7 dollars an hour. So she quit. Kim lives about 2 miles from me. Even when I would drive by her house, she was never home. I know with a high school student you are always driving them to classes after school. Kim called to tell me that she went to a quilting show that is going on this week-end and saw a long arm quilter that she was interested in. When she found out the price she was like “no thank you”. She really did like it, though. Then she told me how she went to a fabric mill and bought 700 dollars of fabric. I couldn’t believe it but she said you had to buy it by the bolt and it is much cheaper that way. She’ll go through it quickly with the quilting she’s been doing lately. She said she snuck it in the house while her hubby was out one evening. Anyways like she said, she sold two houses in February and she deserved it, but with the economy now, she has to watch it. I didn’t know but she had someone build a web-site for her. Once I get it and she uploads photos, I will share with you all.

I mentioned to her about my dry Singer press and she said “boy did I need that a couple of months ago when I did some items for an auction”. I asked her if she would be interested in it and she said “would I”. So Kim is going to be the owner of my dry Singer press. She will be happy and it’ll come to good use. We then talked about family life and laughed the rest of the time. Good thing my hubby hit the bed early. She called me three times yesterday because she kept getting interrupted. We’ll have to make it a night sometime soon.

I was hoping I would have the house all to myself tonight, but it didn’t happen. Right now its quiet, but give it time. I should be doing some laundry, think I will do it shortly. I plan on working on the Lucy apron this week-end. I am really wanting to get back to it. I also need to do that apron for the school teacher. I’ll be able to do both at the same time. After the apron, I will contact Aaron. Hopefully I can get a good price on my Brother PR600 cleaning and getting things fixed back to its proper state.

Talking about cleaning machines. I got my Stitches magazine on Wednesday. There is a good article in there about trimmer knife tips. I do want to indicate in order to get this magazine, you have to get on their mailing list. Jim Auclair is owner of Fix your stitch embroidery machine repairs. You can actually join his google groups forum on continued machine maintenance. All you have to do to join is contact him at and write in the subject line Maintenance List. The article he wrote on the trimmer knifes was really interesting.

He indicated that bird nests can cause possible problems for a moveable knife blade. The amount of thread can actually put the knife blade out of position, thus it can get a burr or nicked by the needle. If this happens two things can happen, you can get a prematurely cut thread and the thread slingshots out of the needle eye. If there is a burr, it might not be sharp enough to cut thread prematurely and push the thread out of the way of the two cutting surfaces.

He indicates how you can buff the burrs, but you should only buff the blades leading edge and not the top surface. If you buff the wrong area, you can damage the knife level. He even goes into removing the moveable knife and how it sits in a home position. How to know whether or not the knife level is in the perfect cutting surface. How to tell if the two surfaces are at the perfect level with each other and inspect it.

Jim states that the mounting screw for the moveable knife blade can actually become loose and these loose screws can have a direct effect on the knife level. He even shows photos of the moveable knifes. Really interesting article, if you have the magazine, refer to page 33.

My Brother PR600 has a removable knife and last month some time I was mentioning how it wasn’t cutting properly, thus I took the plate off to check everything out. I might have some burrs on my knife blade that I am unaware of, because I have been having some issues on occasions and one is the slingshot effect. I also had that one screw that holds part of the knife blade that would flip out.

Time to depart and do some housework. Yeah its Friday but its the perfect time to do wash and whatever else there might be – clean the bathroom, hmm wash the floors, no one to track across a wet floor. Last night I had to take the dead bolt off our new front door. I had trouble entering the house yesterday and was made fun of. Well when I tried to lock it last night it didn’t work! So I had to take it off and re-align it all. My daughter knows I had to fix it and we #@#(&$# about the fact that the new doors where never needed and ever since the installation they been a pain. My husband put the molding around the doors and yesterday I was looking at it and was wondering why it wasn’t lying flat. I took a flashlight and noticed there is a 1/4″ space between the molding and door. Upon looking into the crack, the door is not flush with the inside wall. So with that, the molding doesn’t lie correctly and COLD AIR seeps in!!!! I don’t know if he realizes this and I know he won’t call that guy back because he complained the whole time he was installing them. OMG – the threshold that was sitting on the table, its gone, OMG, my husband picked up his finger and did something today (we aren’t talking to each other – I let him have it last night – I’m fed up). 

This time I say good-night. I’ll let you know how the apron goes tomorrow.


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