Classic Stitches Magazine – Win a Brother sewing/embroidery machine

cover89My daughter and I went to the book store today looking for the Entertainment magazine for this week. They have Robert Pattinson on the cover, he is the actor that plays the vampire in the movie Twilight. Apparently there are 3 different covers made for Entertainment on this particular movie and she wanted the one with just him on it, he is soooo dreamy. We picked up two of them.

As we were looking at the magazaines, I was like, let me see if they have a sewing magazine. So I was looking over everything. Seems if you want a sewing magazine you have to go to JoAnn’s. I did run into “Classic Stitches” which I thought was just sewing, it is, but it seems to be more geared to hand cross stitch and such. I didn’t notice on the front cover, but thumbing through I noticed that there is a giveaway for a Brother Innov-is sewing/embroidery machine and software. To enter the contest you either have to send in a postcard with your information, however you can also send an email to the editors of the magazine, but I don’t know the url and what the subject matter is. You would have to pick up the magazine at your local store to get the actual particulars on the contest. Thought I would just share with you on it.

Gotta run, my g-friend is calling and I haven’t talked to her in months. We need to catch up on the sewing, quilting and embroidery chat…


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