New items on Clicketyclak Etsy Site

Well I took the day to take photos and upload my items to my ETSY site. I’ve already gotten some hits on the items and some people have “hearted” my shop.

It makes me feel good when people like my work. I always send them a “thank you”. This also gives me the opportunity to look at their shops too. I love the quality of work that these people do. Their items are done really nice as well as some of them are truely unique. 

Here are some snapshots of my aprons that I did for the Holiday Bazaar. You can view them on my etsy site as well. You’ve seen some of my other items here, but if you trip over to my etsy you can see better views of them and maybe items I might not have posted here.


Hmmm I seem to be missing one of the aprons. 

So nothing much more is happening. Don’t feel like sewing or embroidering – wonder why. At least if I know I need a last minute gift, I have plenty of ’em.

Tomorrow is back to work and I’ve been plenty busy. Hopefully now that I have my new puter I will be finally relocating. I did a tutorial on Microsoft 2007 last week and now I understand the ribbon on all the programs. It was quite confusing at first. Had to learn how to make pivot tables and boy is it simple when you have the formatted worksheets and a previous spreadsheet with the information on it. Heard that there is a lot of reorganization at my old job and might be a possible surplus of head count again. 

Til later…


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