Moving on – Bread/Bun covers

Here are my bread/bun covers that I embroidered. I did 8 of these so far. I just purchased some designs (yeah there I go again), you must think I am rich, I’m not, just a thrifty shopper. I even said I would stop buying from EmbLibrary, but I can’t. Heck I’m stopping the smoking so I gotta spend the money for the nicotine somehow!!! 

Okay back on subject. EmbLibrary starts their sale on Tuesday. If you go to their site on Monday night before midnight you can actually get their sale items from the previous week as well as the upcoming week. I don’t know what was all on sale last week because I didn’t check it out, but I did buy a design pack which was 60% off. This week they have some Thanksgiving stuff on sale – buy one get one free (packs and single designs). So I looked over everything I wanted, half the stuff in the packs I wouldn’t use so I purchased the single designs instead. I wanted those cardinals dress as pilgrims, but said no! My bill for 26 designs – under 30 bucks, could be under 25 for that matter. I am going to take those designs and put them on aprons and bread/bun covers. Thanksgiving bun covers will be eggshell where my Christmas designs are on white ones.

I purchased these bread/bun thingys several years ago from All About Blanks. Got them on special so I bought a bunch of them. Now these particular designs are from a Brother card that I purchase back in 2001. Wow how do I remember that? It was my first year embroidering. My mom gave me her machine to play with and learn. I wanted to make unique Christmas cards with a embroidered ornament. Well I didn’t have any designs yet cause I didn’t discover EMBLIBRARY!!!! I was using all freebies and you know, some freebies are good, but then some well their starters – and I’m not knocking them. I can digitilize if I want, I have Embird, BUT I am afraid!!! I bought this card on sale at of all places WAL-MART!!! The wreath design is the one that I used that year for my gift in my card. In the middle of the wreath was the year it was made 2001. The neat thing about this ornament and my aunt was upset – I made those ornaments before I had my Brother 8500 upgraded with new options. Without having the upgrade the system didn’t kick out that particular font. After the upgrade, I lost that font. I want to make one more set of 4 same designs – Christmas candle from the same card. 

I was thinking with these particular designs, again, fast, simple, easy, I could easily dig in my closet for my white huck towels that are packed nice and neatly in a red and black box and put the design on those too. This way if someone spills something at the table, they will have a matching set. But the thing is, that red and black box.. is in another box and I don’t know which one!

Well I was going to upload my aprons, but its not working. So I will have to wait til tomorrow. Anyways its late and I know when I came home I took a hour nap (missed my People’s Court – saw what was going on, missed the outcome on who one – for all three cases!!). 

Work was alright today. I got messages from the managers to take care of some stuff for them, then I got a request to be responsible for a monthly report that someone else used to care for. I thought I would need help trying to decipher how it was done, but then I figured it out. The only thing is, I don’t know how to do a pivot table in excel. This report I will just cut and paste. They are two months behind in this report.


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