Back to Work!

Well it was back to work today. Up at 5 and out by 6 am. 

It was hectic. Thought I knew passwords after being away for 2 weeks. Had to get passwords reset. Lots of emails, but really none that I had to answer. Couldn’t get into one program cause I was locked out, it’ll take til the end of the week for them to put me back on payroll. More password issues. More calls for resets cause I changed passwords and couldn’t remember which ones I changed. Can’t use universal passwords for all programs.

New computer in and other department took it so it never got installed. 4 voice mails regarding computer. Emails daily regarding computer. I left an out of office voice and email message, don’t they listen or read?? Finally called and gave them information that I was back. Now tech support has been contacted to come out and install and transfer all my files.

Had to do a annual training class. Again I have to log in with password. Password doesn’t work so I go to reset. Can’t too many attempts have to call support. They change it and once again another password to re-create after I get a temporary one. Do the training class. Received an email of additional training classes I need to take. Decided to take them all to get them completed before the end of year. Completed all but 3. The 3 are in a different system and guess what – I can’t access cause I am still in the system as disability! Geesh….

Go into another program and have to reset another password and can’t because the system has wrong birth town and they won’t give it to me. Then they ask for another passcode and I give them a 4 digit and its more than 4 digits, thus I remember that passcode. Then they ask me another question and I am able to answer. Now to get the temporary, get it and then have to change that. Then I have to go into the system and correct my birth town!!!! Sounds like fun eh!

I was suppose to have documentation of job responsibilities prior to my vacation/disability. Never done. Chief of Staff never did it and didn’t expect me back. Called her 1/2 hour before I left for the day. Indicated to her I need to know what is expected from me and that I need work. If it wasn’t for doing the training I would have fallen asleep because of boredom. Sent letter to the managers I am responsible for and asked them to please give me some work for tomorrow. Chief of Staff will have something for me hopefully by Friday. Did you read that closely “HOPEFULLY”. I told her the list of responsibilities that we discussed prior is not enough to fill a 8 hour day, let alone a week!!!

Have to sign up for next years benefits, but with me retiring I have to call and it has to be done by FRIDAY! Can’t find number, go to web-site, geesh another password. I can’t remember my date of employment so I lock myself out again (but then I was putting slashes in when I wasn’t suppose to!). Start all over again, get in. Call them up, inform them what coverage I want – won’t have to pay any additional charges cause I have 30 years. Ask a bunch of questions that they can’t answer (of course). Make sure I get signed up for reimbursement for meds from out of pocket expenses – forgot to do that for this year.

Call hubby tell him that he will still have medical under me without having to pay after I retire. He says your not retiring with the economy the way it is. I said yes I am. I don’t want to loose my lump sum pension!!!! And just think he was going to quit his job last week. I don’t want to end up like all those other people in the past that lost their pensions cause the company didn’t have it!

Get home, tired because I didn’t do anything at all today. Sure at home I was wide awake cause I was sewing all day. I was even wide away late into the next morning!!!! Eat leftovers even though the spouse was going to treat for dinner since I had to go buy pop for his work. I didn’t want to order out (guess all the eating my daughter and I’ve been doing, I’m ordered out dead). Tomorrow maybe we will order out.

Next step, go and apply for part-time job (just for the fun of it). I went to Target to see if they will hire me during the holiday season. I only want to work 4 nights. Signed up for the photo lab – they have an opening. My daughter is going back to re-enlist to work at Target. She could use the extra money and they sent her a card asking to come back. Yesterday she got a call to work extra hours at her other job that she just started. She said sure, so she’ll be doing 30 hrs a week. She just called and indicated that the girl that worked there for 11 years was fired. Yup, knew that was gonna happen. She makes more money than the two college girls that work there during the evening hours. They probably will have their manager fill in the rest of the time or hire someone else at a lower rate. Don’t know if Target will hire me, but if I go in for an interview and they say something about me already having a job, I am just gonna tell them I wanted to just work seasonal and when I retire by June I might be able to get an office job there instead. If they would rather hire someone else that is fine with me cause I really don’t need it (yeah after yesterday’s big expense on my car; new tires and battery, a muss for the winter season coming up) and they don’t have to think I am looking for a high hourly pay, minimum is fine with me (but I know working the Photo Lab is one of the higher paying jobs at Target – Thank you daughter for the information).

So now my day is over and my eyes are burning, yet I had a wonderful grande of carmel hot chocolate from “Starbucks”. My significant other said I’d be up all night, but I am totally wiped out.

I have a bunch of photos to take and upload. I did some small embroidery the last two days and well I need that part time job to pay for my house call on my PR600. The hoop thingy is still not working, so it needs adjustment and Monday night I accidently hit my fingernail on the needle threader and broke it! EGAds what else could go wrong??? Oh lets see, my son indicated that the job he is working on there is no more overtime – he got his last of it last week-end. They were suppose to layoff 60 employees from the job, but that was last week and they hadn’t done it yet to our knowledge. My husband has a feeling that they are going to merge motive power and service at his building like they had before, thus laying off there too!

So who ya voting for???? Oh I forgot they are on right now…. is it worth watching???

My financial advisor contacted me and indicated we could talk about my 401k. Don’t think I want to do anything right now. I paid off my car this month and got my certificate in the mail yesterday. It is now MINE. 6 years old and it only has 71,500 miles on it. Not about to trade it in. It runs great and I’m not ready for a new car payment. Now if only my husband when we refinanced the house, we could have only 3 years left to pay off instead of I think 6, but nooooo he had to have extra cash for the non built garage that sits in the backyard. At least we still have the money in his account (I hope).


One response to “Back to Work!

  1. Gee, I bet you’re glad to be back at work [rolls eyes]. I got tired just reading about that, lol. I can’t stand sitting around, and trying to remember passwords gives me a migraine. Love ya!


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