Creative Machine Embroidery – October Contests – Reminder

Below is the October contests that I posted back in August. You still have a chance to win an assortment of threads from Iris Embroidery, the 10th is next week. Then you have Sulky that follows behind.

There will be 5 winners chosen to win from Iris Embroidery Thread an assortment of threads. It does not indicate whether you can only enter once or if you can enter daily, but one winner will be chosen daily between October 6th through the 10th. To enter go to

Finally, Sulky will be giving away to 5 lucky people during October 13th through the 17th one of the following items; Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing book, a multi-stabilizer/book combo, Heat-Away Clear Film pack, Tender Touch pack or a 20″ wide Sulky Stabilizier Assortment. Go to, to enter. You can enter daily to win one of these prizes.

By the week-end I will post the November/December contests that are noted in Creative Machine Embroidery’s magazine. We have John Deer’s Adorable Ideas, Quilting & Embroidery magazine and finally a Victorian Romance thread box by Robison-Anton. And I believe I will be having a contest too.

My contest is going to have 3 prizes to three individuals. Did another apron today and until I post the photo I won’t indicate what is expected from you, but I will indicate that you will have to comment in order to be entered in the contest. If you spread the word on your blog that I am having a contest, you have one additional entry to add by stating you put in on your blog. What are the prizes??? Hmmm, you seen some of my work, so it could be a set of Christmas towels, a purse, material…. I haven’t decided yet, but all three items will be worth the entry. As soon as I publish this, I will sleep on the idea of prizes.

Finally, daughter and mother had blonde moment today – we went to get more aprons to embroider. Walked out of store and we were chatting and looking for vehicle. Well I said to Shell its around this area isn’t it. Her reply I don’t remember. Some guy said looking for your car or just walking the parking lot. I said looking for car. He said well hope you find it and I replied with, yeah me too, its my husband’s car. That is when Shell realized she was looking for the wrong vehicle. We walked to far, car was in the third spot over one isle! Wonder what moment we will have tomorrow.


One response to “Creative Machine Embroidery – October Contests – Reminder

  1. jefferie lorraine james

    Years ago in the 1970 I embroider several aprons for my mom for birthday and Christmas gifts. I couldn’t believe it when she brought out a package not to long ago and gave it to me. Inside were the aprons.Unbelieveable, she had never used them. Sad. I hope when people have your aprons, they use them. I would.


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