Another Beautiful October Day

It was another beautiful October Day, minus the barking dog. I love dogs don’t get me wrong, but when you have a dog across the street that starts barking at 11 am and continues forever its a problem. I’m glad that I am not retired because I would be calling the county daily. Yesterday all the dogs (at least 9) where barking at 7 am! This dog apparently stopped for a bit while I was cutting out berets, but then the recycle truck came, low and behold, bark, bark, bark. It became quiet once again, UNTIL the garbage truck came by a half hour later. Oh my here we go again. Then the postal truck. It never failed when a vehicle came down the street that dog just barked continuously. At least I stayed in the house, but I could still hear it through the walls and windows. I was surprised that when the county came to mow the over grown weeds, the dog was apparently in the house.

Wasn’t up at the crack of dawn, I slept until 9. I wanted to get started on making some berets. Before I could start I had to make sure I had a brown paper bag to make my pattern. So under the kitchen counter I went and found one. What would we do if they didn’t make them. I know go green, but brown paper bags are necessary for us sewing women who make their own patterns. 

Next step was to find an item that was 13 inches round. Now the first thing that comes to mind is the dinner plate. My god its a good thing that my dinner plates are smaller than 13 inches, just think if they were that big, I’d be making bigger portions on a nightly basis. Dinner plate no go. Pie plate, well I couldn’t reach up to the top shelf and I am limited to stretching. Then I figured one of my big pots, nope, still too small. Well how about my bigger cooking pots downstairs. Nope they were still too small. I know I could make my own circle taking a ruler and a pencil, but that’s too much trouble, then I spotted it. The perfect circle, thank you darling daughter. Her pink cake cover. Just the right size. I quickly ran upstairs and made my circle. Now to make a six inch circle in the middle for the opening. Yup you got it, now I have to find something that is six inches in the cabinets. Didn’t take long to find a food container with that dimension.

I now have my pattern. Now I went upstairs and opened the closet. Dang, the flannel is in the back of the closet. Oh well. I fished out 4 pieces from my big rubbermaid container. Ran downstairs and cut out my first pattern; my prototype. I then run back up stairs and sew it up. I whip it up in under an hour, clip the seams and turn it inside out. I put it on my head, its the right size with the band, but I just can’t figure out how to wear this thing. I am not a beret wearer, where my daughter is. I’m making these hats for a holiday craft bazaar that i will be attending next month. This thing just doesn’t look right. Its too big, but I can’t wake sleeping beauty up to check it out. It looks like I just flopped a pancake on my head.

I finally decide go back downstairs and just cut out a bunch and then later you can have it modeled. So I cut out 2 of each color; lemon yellow, mint green, white and black (can’t wait til tomorrow to see what other color flannel I have in that big plastic container). I cut all the bands out and sewed the seams. I sat and listen to television while I pinned all of the bands to the bottom half of the berets. Finally the little fairy princess is up and she floated down the stairs in a good mood.

I find out she’s been up all this time in her bedroom working on a clay project (she is making an umbrella bowl for a fountain – it looks great). I ask her to model the hat. She puts it on and says, its wrong, its like a pancake on my head. Well at least we both came to the same conclusion, its a pancake. She tells me to take this much off. So the prototype is back in the sewing room getting re-stitched. As soon as I was done, the princess was getting ready for school. I asked can you please check this out now. She put it on, played with it and said, PERFECT!

So now I have to take all the berets I had cut and just take them in 1 1/2 inches from the edge. I zipped them up and then after dinner I cut all the edges close to the seams. They look really neat and just think, didn’t even have to buy a pattern. Now the one that I made over the week-end, I have to get the little girl down the street to see if it fits her. If so, I can make some for the younger set as well. I figure I’ll sell these berets for 10 bucks or less. Didn’t take any pictures yet so I can post them, but I will. I have some other photos to take.

I received another package today, I love when I get packages. I bought some PC Boards from my friend Kris on ETSY on Monday. I am so excited because the boards are great. They are going to make real nice pieces of jewelry once I figure out how to cut them up. I already have the drill for the jump rings, but I also have to wear a mask when I cut these boards up. Kris said that it is necessary with the soldering, so I have to get some masks or wear a bandana. What was more exciting than the boards, she sent me one of her pixies that she is making for the holidays.

They are the cutest little things ever. She has orders from all over. One boutique wants enough to fill a whole Christmas tree. She uses all recycle material to make them and antique beads. The thing about my pixie…. when I sent her package to her last week, I sent her some silk flowers from Michael’s and JoAnn’s for her projects. My pixie has one of my flowers as the skirt of the dress!!! My daughter saw the box and the plastic container the pixie was in and said what’s with the corsage, I said its a pixie. She picked it up and she said “cute”.

My daughter is going through a change right now (a good one) and were not arguing much. She even cleaned her room (but it still needs more). She threw out this neat metal case and yesterday I brought it back in the house. She said why are you taking that, its garbage, I said its perfect to put all my purse patterns in. Her reply, I snuck it out so you wouldn’t take it. Oh well, its mine now! She has been so pleasant, wish I could say the same about my significant other. Wait til he sees that I didn’t wash the dinner dishes (I told him he has to do it cause I made dinner again!).

So when I get the camera out, I have to take a picture of my pixie… and my berets (but I want to get a foam head first).

As I watched the debates tonight, I got an email regarding my lighted mirror compacts, they are in the mail as of this morning. Should have them by the week-end. Then I can show you those too. I see SEWforLESS has some of their acrylic items reduced to wholesale price. I checked to make sure that the lighted mirrors weren’t wholesale, they weren’t, but they do have some napkin rings on sale for .55 cents each. Those would look nice with Christmas embroidery on them. Still thinking about purchasing some to see if they would go over at the Holiday Bazaar.


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