Amy Butler Website

Amy Butler is in the process of putting together a website for followers that have made her items from her patterns.

I currently don’t have the address, but I sent some pics out and apparently where ever they are located they are going through severe weather and their communications are down.

If you are  a Amy follower, you can go to her site that I have listed in my sidebar and sign up for her newsletter.

The email that I received from Amy and Diane today had a site for updates on patterns and what type of stabilizer that you can use instead of Timtex in her purses.

Has anybody seen her new book. She has some real cute items in there. I believe has been sold to I read a blur in SewNews magazine.

Martha Stewart is getting on the band wagon with Singer, Viking H and Pfaff. 

Oh and if you didn’t see my comment regarding the Brother 12 head machine – costs can run from 12k to 14k. Interesting with the economy as it is now, do you think this was the time to come out with this machine? Wonder if there would be a possibility of a price reduction if they don’t sell. I wonder “if” like with the PR600 if you had a demonstration done, you could sign up for a free drawing, winning a PR600.


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