Another Day

No sewing this week-end but my brain is still thinking….. I’ve been wanting to make some of my own purse patterns and I have quite a few ideas. Most of them will have some sort of pleats in them. Sometimes when I watch, excuse me, MTV, and I see the dresses actresses are wearing, I think, wow that dress style would look nice as a purse. The flowing of gathered material from one end of a purse to the other side. Then the idea of having a tuxedo shirt, where it is all gathered in pleats, in the middle of the purse. These purses would have to be made in real nice material.

Yesterday I cannot believe I spent the whole day on the puter playing a hide and seek at all the fabric quilting sites. Its called the fabshophop, visit . What you do is sign up and then they give you a list of 130 shops to visit to find this little bunny on their sites. Some are easy, some are hard. Some give clues, some do not. OMG – did that rhyme? Well I didn’t want to win first prize, which I believe is a Brother sewing machine worth 550 bucks. So I didn’t have to look for all 130 bunnies, whew good! I figured I would at least try for First Prize, which is $175 dollars in something. You have to find at least 98 bunnies.

Well I found 102 <snort>. I got mad when my wireless mouse died. It didn’t die because of the battery. It died because the battery exploded in the mouse and ozy was coming out of the battery (acid I presume). So now the mouse has died – maybe because it was upset I was looking for a bunny and not mices! Oh well, now it was finger control. I noticed that if there weren’t clues, the best place was to look was at their newsletters. This bunny hop is good til the end of the month BTW. If the site was small and no clue, I would just jump from one category to the next, but if it had lots of stuff I didn’t know where to go and I would just go to the next store. OMG you should have seen all the emails I had in my mailbox indicating that I found the bunny. I didn’t know once I gave my email address I would get a message stating I found it. In the beginning I did the stupid thing of signing up for their newsletter cause some of them had monthly drawings of fabric. Didn’t sign up for too many, but I got wise. When I saw a site I liked, signed up. You know there is a fabric site just for pink flamingos!!!! Saw some of the new fabrics like the Jetsons, Yogi Bear and found some Bettie Boop!

So it was an uneventful day yesterday as it poured more rain. I was advised my DH that all he wanted me to do was one load of wash. Well I did one better, I did three! The whites are still in the dryer <giggle> he won’t need them til mid week.

Today was decent weather wise. No rain. Getting cool, will be in the low 40s tonight. Good for sleeping. 

Work was okay, but not the best, but what else is new. I am ready to just take 4 weeks of vacation and say screw it. I can’t tell you the personality of these women. I was invisible today, yes invisible. I don’t think they knew I worked today, but who cares.

So I grabbed a bunch of wire from work today. Wondering what I can make with it beside colorful wire rings. I am swapping the wire for some PC boards. I want to make some jewelry from the computer boards. I have to get some forms and resin to complete these pieces of artwork. I thought I could easily do some wire stuff too. Instead of making thread friendship bracelets, I could make wire ones. Could make decent closures with the wire. Then I was thinking about Christmas ornaments, white and red wire makes good candy canes. Thought about stars, but no good color for stars. Thought about other stuff, but will have to hit the internet.

I haven’t fried another CD since last week – maybe that’s why I’m not in my right mind, the smell in the microwave and the CD burning got to my brain! Oh and I didn’t blog about that, wonder why, I guess after the discussing look my daughter gave me of her disapproval of what I did… GAWD Mom how old are YOU??

Well I figured I’d write. Any ideas for me, I’d appreciate feed back. Talk later and hopefully more. Missed out on sewing club tonight. Oh well… wasn’t up to it.


One response to “Another Day

  1. I wish my brain worked the way yours does – you are so creative! I don’t dare do the shop hop, too much temptation out there. Yes, *I* know about the flamingo shop, are you surprised? *VBG*
    Love ya!


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