In the Pits

Oh heck I have to get out of this slump.

Slipped and fell at a grocery chain store last Friday after I was at the hospital. Well I filed a claim, but now I am having muscle spasms. Went to the dr and now I have pills and numb patches to tend to. Exercises to get them felling better. At least I didn’t screw up my tissue expansion procedure for my breast re-construction. Three nights this week I came home and went straight to bed.

My boss informed me I will be moving to a new location and will have new job responsibilities shortly. He’s having a meeting on this upcoming Monday to discuss with his managers. I am so looking forward to this. Location is still good and hopefully the people in the office will be nice. I need a pick me up.

I’m gonna try and get into the sewing room tomorrow. I did use the blind hemmer and serger last week on the apron. I’m getting the hang of the blind hemmer. All I do is take it slow cause I’m not used to it yet, just like the serger.

Well gotta run for now.


3 responses to “In the Pits

  1. You need a road trip. To Michigan. *G* You can teach me how to use my serger and pick up your quilt. Just give me lots of notice so I can finish it.
    BTW – got the pkg and LOVE the coffee fabric – dh tried to get it from me, hahaha. Fat chance. Love you!


  2. clicketyclak

    I know I need a vacation. Need to get away from the nagging hubby.

    With all the rain we’ve had last night and this morning, I was cleaning the basement. The stupid drain outside clogged up and came in. Just finished. As usual no help from the home front but they can ask “what’s for dinner”.

    Love you too!


  3. Tell them “sewage” for dinner and do you want fries with that. It’s been pouring here all day – hard rain – and tomorrow Ike comes to visit. Lovely weather for arthritis so I’m still up at 4am.


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