Well earlier tonight I went to the office supply store and Xeroxed a bunch of purse patterns. I did the vintage ones that I have shown here on my blog and some others. Like I indicated before the purses are very small and are great for going out. So I wanted to make them bigger. So I wanted to enlarge them 150% more.

Well I was running into problems of getting the whole pattern onto one 11 x 17 sheet, something would be cut off. The original patterns in the book were front and back pieces of the purse or lining. They were not half, where you would put them on the fold of the fabric. So in order for me to get all of it on one sheet, I had to get the center of the pattern and then copy it. 

I noticed on the first copies that I made the purses, the author of the book did a lot of the right and left sides freehanded, thus they did not match. When I centered the pattern, I looked for the best side and used that so that when I use the new patterns, that are put on the fold, both left and right sides will match exactly.

Once I got home I started on a new vintage purse. The length of the purse is now 16 or 17 inches long (that is without the bottom gusset). On this particular purse I am working on the opening is still small, but you can at least put your hand in and get what you are looking for. I don’t have any pictures tonight to show you of the one I started last night, nor todays.

However, I did start off on the wrong foot. When I grabbed the pattern, I didn’t read. Then the material I used (the first vintage purse with the black bow), I wasn’t watching what I was doing. I pinned the fabric and pattern and cut. When I finished cutting I realized that I did not cut the pattern for the purse, but the lining. The pattern for the purse had pleats in them. Well the upholestry material being used is too heavy for pleats. The next thing I did wrong, I didn’t make sure I would have enough material to make the other piece for the back. Whew, I was lucky, but I was cutting it short. Had enough material for the handle holder and the flap. 

On this purse instead of doing the lining the full length of what the purse calls for, I cut it shorter by 2 inches. On the bottom gusset, so I wouldn’t need to add plastic canvas, I took and fused heavy weight stabilizer to the cotton material. Boy does it hold the shape great.

So far everything else is going as planned. Instead of leaving an opening at the bottom, I will be doing it on the side. Since the stabilizer is on the bottom with the fusible stuff, there is no way that I can flip the lining/purse and keeping the shape at the bottom. The other issue with this and the other I started yesterday, since I have handles, its a tight squeeze sewing and flipping it inside out.

Tomorrow after my hospital visit, I’ll make some more purses. See I opened a new shop today at ETSY. “Not Your Ordinary Bag”. I still have my other shop, but thats going to be just for my machine embroidery. I will keep my purses on that site, cause I don’t want to confuse people who have already looked at them and maybe put the item as a favorite for a future purchase. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday, I will put some items on that shop.

Depending on my energy level, I might do some girl sweatshirts with embroidery while I sew. I still have to take pictures of the boys that I did last week.

Well, guess thats it for now. See you again soon.



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