Vintage Bags – Photos – Upholstery Fabric

As promised here is the vintage bag that I made yesterday.

The bow needs to be fluffed and pulled a little on the right side.

The material that I used for the body of the purse is upholstery fabric that I bought at Hancock’s the other day. The bow and lining I believe is black canvas. I was able to put a tiny pocket inside. This is a very small purse and would make a nifty evening bag.

Here is the vintage bag I am currently working on. All I have to do is sew the lining together, add the handle and then sew the top. Of course there is some additional hand sewing needed. I have to add some dainty flowers in the middle of the front. They are done with ribbon and sewn by hand.

Yup this is upholstery fabric too. The lining is Martha Pullens. I believe I picked this up 2-3 years ago when Hancock near my house was closing. I’ve got lots of it and will use it most likely on another vintage bag that I will be making. I have to see if I have a beaded handle for that project. On the right side you can see the small pocket that is on this bag.

I machine embroidered 5 sweatshirts today for 6-8, 12, 18 months boys that I’ll be posting on my ETSY account this upcoming week-end. They turned out really nice. I only had one that the design moved on me cause I ran out of thread, but I was able to finish it by hand. Then there were two sweatshirts that I had a tad problem of hooping, but I was able to get them completed. Because the sweatshirts were dark, I put my iron on tear away stabilizer on the front instead of the back. This allows the colors to show their trueness on darker fabrics. On all the shirts, I put some sort of stabilizer that is iron on, that you put over the threads, so it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin. I used three designs and boy they turned out beautiful.

Since I go back to work tomorrow for only 2 days this week, I won’t be able to do the little girls designs. Will do them probably on Thursday.

Well I gotta run for the evening.

Enjoy and like to hear some feedback.










6 responses to “Vintage Bags – Photos – Upholstery Fabric

  1. WOW! That one’s mine, right? *G* GORGEOUS!


  2. clicketyclak

    Maybe I’ll have a give away….. I have to look for my Amy Butler bag, that is going to be a freebie from this website, but responses are necessary.


  3. beautiful bag! love it!


  4. clicketyclak

    thank you Sarah and I hope you come back to see the other vintage bags I have planned to sew.


  5. I have done exactly the same thing. I have sewn items from upholstery fabric that you wouldnt ordinarily think upholstery fabric would be good for, and they came out great.

    I buy a lot from which is an online store that always has great sales going on and for things I cant resist. The net result is that I have a lot of spare fabric and I decided one day to get creative and make something with it.

    Anyway, if you want to have a look lick the following link (sorry if it doesn’t work):



  6. clicketyclak

    Lanny –

    Thanks for the site and I took a peek.

    I saw some great tapestry that would make a great bag. And then there was a floral that I liked, BUT the price was pricey, but then again it was a embroidered item.

    Great site and thanks for posting it. I will be visiting the shop when my supply goes down for sure.



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