Amy Butler Frenchy Bag Completed

Okay all done with the leopard Amy Butler frenchy bag. I hand sewed the lining to the top panel because I went ahead of myself, not following the directions from Amy. I know some people indicated that they didn’t like the pockets (run seam to seam, all the way to bottom of purse). I did a seam down the middle of the pockets to create two medium pockets instead of one great big one. On the other side, I made a pen pocket in the middle and then two on each side. I am not showing the inside of the purse because it is black material. I put rhinestones in the middle area of the front panel, between the two pleats that I sewed down 6 1/2 inches down.

Bracelet will be using as a purse handle 

Bracelet will be using as a purse handle

Here are my new fabric birds that I was doing last night. Don’t know how many more I’ll do, but my daughter has indicated to me her g-friend that just got a job at Disney in Florida, would like some for her apartment. Well now to go and check out which vintage bag I plan to start. Have to look over material and patterns. Later….


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