Oh my its late

Oh its so late, 2:24 am (central) on Saturday. I’ve been busy today, but not as busy as I wanted to be.

I went to the hospital to have my procedure done. The doc was late, but I could of classified myself as being late because I should of been up at 6, but didn’t get up til 6:30 – oops! I exchanged my hubby’s jeans at Wal-Mart and saw some material – yeah bought it.

Came home hooped some towels and programed my PR600 to do some Anita Goodesigns, Steve’s Pink Flamingos. They turned out nice. Vacuumed my sewing room and the rest of the house. Checked the towel on occasion to see where it was at. Threw some towels for embroidery into the wash so they would shrink, ran back upstairs to change a towel on the PR600. Ran downstairs, took a phone call, ran back upstairs.

Whew. Phone rang, ran back downstairs, phone stopped ringing, it was hubby – apparently we have new health issues on him – doc appt on the 28th. Ran back upstairs. Put the last of the 4 flamingo towels in the PR600, left the house!

Went shopping to make green peppers and pepper steak. Came home, played with neighbors dog, Maggie went out front, but stayed or else she would have run off. Talked with neighbor, she helped me bring in all the pop I bought cause I shouldn’t be carrying heavy stuff (they put 50cc of saline in me today – I told them to put in helium instead). 

Flamingo was done by the time I got home. Set up a new towel – sunflowers in watering can. Put the groceries away. Started meat for pepper steak. Ran upstairs to see why machine wasn’t running – I went through bobbin thread like crazy today – at least 7. Up and down, up and down. Made 4 stuffed peppers and 6 meatballs. Daughter comes home, hungry, what else is new. Change towel in machine. Oh crap I didn’t hang up my blouses or did I??? Now they will be wrinkled, I’ll check later. 

Sent up new towels, sunflowers in vase. Oh my 62 minutes for one towel. Good thing I have doubles on the hoops. I will do the first 6 colors and then set back to beginning with a new hooped towel. Daughter and I go to Ruby Tuesday for dinner, that was about 7:30. Get home at 8:30. Towels aren’t done yet, ran out of bobbin thread again. Almost done though. 

Start taking pictures of towels to put on ETSY. Finally at 10:30 putting stuff on site. Put peppers away (basically I try to cook a couple of meals for the upcoming week – we usually don’t eat on Fridays). Washed all the dishes from cooking during downloads to ETSY.

So was that a busy day or what? I was suppose to be sewing while embroidering but we can’t have that can we. I am close to finishing the lining on my funky chicken tote. I have to put in a hidden pocket (big one). I didn’t like the pockets I put on last night – so I ripped them off. And guess what – my Amy Butler patterns didn’t come from New York yet. Hoping I would have them by today, but shrug, oh well.

Well I guess I should go to bed, but I would like to upload my baby bibs to ETSY, but I’ll be up for too long. Hope I can fall asleep when I hit the pillow.

Go to ETSY and see the towels I did on Friday.



One response to “Oh my its late

  1. Oh my gosh your new stuff is amazing – love it all, girl! You’re the embroidery and sewing queen!


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