Allie and a visitor


Allie is a true friend of mine. We met through one of our Yahoo Groups that we belonged to. She is a sister to me and we spend lots of time on the phone. We share ideas back and forth and talk about everything. She points me how to go about doing stuff if I am unfamiliar with something.

Allie is a very nice, carrying person and has done so many special things, even for people she has never met. Someday I will tell those stories of her kindness.

I had the opportunity to met Allie last year. My husband and I took a trip one week-end. I had some sewing items for her. It was a fun week-end. I stayed over night and it was like a pajama party. We stayed up very late looking at stuff and just talking, having fun. It was great finally putting that voice to an actual person.

She even had the opportunity to come to Illinois, but her husband had to make the trip a one dayer, so it was nixed.

I have another sister that actually lives near Allie. On Sunday we all met up cause she wanted to met the person mom would always talk about. Yeah mom knew Allie too. It was like we’ve known each other for years.

There are so many times I wish Allie lived closer, so that we could see each other every week-end. We could actually work together and go shopping for fabric and bounce ideas in person. Yeah we had to go fabric shopping when I was there. Now a days I slip secret packages to her in the mail, yeah its in the mail Allie, still haven’t gotten to the post office (I owe her a package).

Allie is the one that originally showed me one of her jean’s purses. Well here is the new one she made recently. Its really cute. She got her kids jean shorts from a garage sale and only paid 3 bucks. I love all the metal on the bag. She knows where to look for embellishments.

OMG – you can’t see the whole thing, but I recognize that chain strap – is that, is that the one I sent you??? My Wal-Mart find – oops I let it out of the bag. Thats were I get my chains for my purses, their BELTS that are clearance at Wal-Mart! They can run from 3 to 5 bucks a piece and the length is just perfect. Okay now you know where to look.

I love the poodle on the chain. Allie is very retro/vintage style. All the metal buttons by the pockets. Its so simple. Hate to see something that has too much.

Now for my other visitor. This visitor follows me all over the place. Yeah my shadow. But I love my shadow. And she enjoys helping me sew, wash dishes, cut the grass (can’t wait until I can go back to doing that next year – I should be healed by then), sit next to me watching tv or playing on the puter. She even helps my hubby when he is working on his jeep. She supposedly helped him move the tires and get them on the frame a couple of weeks ago (yeah right – rolling eyes).

Her name is Maggie, here she is…. Isn’t she cute!!! She’s part husky, german shepard. The guys wanted to call her CJ (older type brand of Jeep), but the girls won over with Maggie. Anyways I think CJ would have been more a guy name.

She came into my life about 5 years ago when she was 8 weeks old. I was going through issues with my 3rd reconstruction (I am a breast cancer survivor) and I was very depressed. My son brought her home and this was the first time he came home with an animal – well the first time was a snake – but he usually comes home with JEEPS! Follows Dad’s footsteps.

I remember having to take her out at 2 in the morning for potty breaks. Man I am glad I was young then, getting up to go to work was a killer then. I love her so much, she gets to lay in bed with me when my husband isn’t around and gets to jump on the couch, growling at dogs walking past the house. She even misses me if I am not home for a period of time and greets me with a smile. 

Yes, you can see when she is happy, there is a smile and its not a twinkle in the eye. The guy next door saved her one morning when the winds blew open the gate. He recognized her and brought her home and he noticed her smile. She loves to play baseball. She taught herself how to take a plastic bat and put it under her collar. She then gets the handle area by her mouth and she swings it. The guy behind us would get a kick out of it. 

Well I guess now that I have rested from a crappy day at work, I can retire to the sewing room and start on the lining of my funky chicken tote. I’ll try and finish so I can post it up tomorrow.



One response to “Allie and a visitor

  1. *blush* Thank you Donna. You are such a blessing to me. I value our friendship so much, hon. Love seeing the pic of Maggie, what a darlin’! Give her a hug and a treat for me. You need to take a video of her playing baseball!
    Oh – yes, that’s the belt you sent me, finally got to use it, yippee!!!!! You find the BEST stuff.


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