Birdie heaven

My sister Susan pointed me to this site She loved the sewn birdies. I said I’d make her some, she wants to place them in her art studio.

Didn’t expect on a week-day that I would be up in the sewing room, especially after a busy day at work, coming home cleaning the basement/bathroom, 3 loads of wash; waited for the phone guy so he could check to see where the short was on our line. No incoming calls were coming through (good-bye tele-marketers). Apparently we were hit by lightening in the storm last week and the phone was trashed. 

After a quick dinner, no it was carry out, (I guess if I clean the house after work my husband feels guilty and I get out of having to cook) I ran up to the sewing room to start some of these little creatures of nature. You can get the template and instructions at the above URL – the item is copywrited and can only be used for your personal use.

So here are three of my birdies and more to come. I know when I finish some more of these and send them to my sis, she will be thrilled.

These were very simple to sew, the tail was the bugger. If you decide to make these, a tip regarding the beak. Before you turn the fabric, cut across in front of the beak. Once it is turned and pushed out it will flatten and look right. But be careful what tool you use to push out the tip so you don’t ruin the stitching. Don’t overstuff and work with the stuffing so that they sit properly.

Tomorrow, hopefully I will receive my package of Amy Butler purses; Frenchy and Birdie Sling Bags. Found a place were they were 10.99 and shipping was only a buck, total cost was under $23. Can’t wait to get started on those – don’t worry I have to finish my funky chicken tote. Just picked up the material yesterday for the lining and bought an apron pattern. My g-friend wants me to make her a “LUCY” apron for Christmas. Her daughter says she doesn’t cook, why does she need an apron. Guess its a “GIRL” thing.

Well its late and I should crawl into bed, but I am wide awake. Tomorrow I will post Allie’s jean purse she made.


One response to “Birdie heaven

  1. Oh my those turned out so cute! Love them on that perch. Your sister will love them!


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