Pillow case dresses for small girls

A few weeks ago at my sewing club at DuPage Sew/Vac, Lisle, IL we were shown a dress made out of pillowcases that had decorative edging at the opening where you slip in the pillow. Then we were given instructions on how to make the same dress but using fabric of your choice, they had 3 different dresses made, including a real nice Chrismas plaid with gold ribbon as the ties.
Never did I realize how popular this idea would be and with no grand-daughters or small children in my household, I would have no use for it. But since it is a popular item I will share the blogs that I have seen them on and provide to you the instructions I received from my club.
Judy (http://apronstringsandothertiesthatbind.wordpress.com/) was the first one I saw with this dress. She did a bandana dress, very cute, very cute. I sent her my instructions so she could make more with her favorite fabrics.
Sewmamasew’s (http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=538) blog had an article of another crafter that made her granddaughters these dresses out of pillowcases. The picture that Maya took with the two girls is just great.
Go to Maya’s blog to read and see her completed items. She has a tutorial for the dress.(http://mayamade.blogspot.com/2008/08/lace-dreams-tutorial-for-pillow-case.html).
Its amazing what you can use to make something so beautiful. Check out those clearance bedding areas of your favorite retail stores, as well as garage sales that might have some great pillowcases that would make this quick and easy dress for someone you know with a small child.
Dress made out of fabric –
1 piece of 45″ wide fabric.
2 yards of ribbon.
Your length will be your decision for the child you are making the dress for. Add 3 inches for the hem.
Fold in half lengthwise for the #1 fold then fold once again for the #2 fold. The reason why you make two folds is for the armhole.
Armhole cutting: 5 1/2 down from top = 18 months
5 3/4 down from top = 3T to 4T
6″ down from top = 5T to 6T
When you unfold the 2nd fold you will then have armhole areas on both sides (now I would prefer to have the seam on the back side instead of on one side, so I would fold the material differently. I would open the fabric and fold each side into the fold from the bolt and then fold on that – you understand?).
Sew and finish side seam. Finish raw edge of hem and fold over 3″ and stitch. You can easily add lace or other emblishment if material is not long enough for a 3″ hem. Make it the length that you need and then add lace that is like 2 inches and add to the bottom. 
Sew binging on armholes Finish raw edge of top. Fold to make 1″ (approximately) for casing – but again this depends on what type of ribbon you are using as I see it. Run ribbon through casing and tie.
Now if you have extra material you can easily make pockets for the front. I can just seeing either a turleneck, t-shirt behind this dress and in the fall/winter, leggings.

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  1. OMG NICE SHIRTS!\asdfas AHH!


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