Jeans Purses

Well I finished my KOI fish purse last night. All I had to do was the lining and I was sewing at one in the morning. I’ll quickly show the finished product. Its sorta hard to see the pockets, but instead of sewing a series of pockets that were 4 inches high, I cut out more of the lining, and folded it down three inches and then sewed down the center of the purse. I attached the whole thing to the gusset. So now the pockets are the size from side to side to the bottom seam. Makes for extra large pockets.

Again I crawled into bed after 2:30 am, but was up at 8. My hubby and I were going to take a drive to Champaign and he said I could sleep on our way there. Well not only did I sleep there, I slept back too. On the way home we made a stop to our hardware store and ordered new doors for the house, even screen doors. We need new ones since heating bills are going to go up this year.

Well the rest of the day I’ve been taking pictures of purses that I’ve made so that I can post them to my ETSY shop. If you want to check them out, just go to the right and click on the link. I’ve got more to load, but I wanted to stop by and show the finished purse and I want to show you another purse I made. My g-friend, Allie sent me a pic of her purse she made over the week-end (I’m gonna see if she says its okay to put it on here for you to view). They are jean purses from little kids jean shorts. Of course check out garage sales for little tikes shorts and what I did was at the end of season I bought mine from Target somewhere around 5 – 7 bucks a piece. This one is finished and the other one, you can see is another unfinished project….

The rose is machine embroidered. The rose lace is glued and sewn on. Love the strap. Quite heavy, but another great find, not from a garage sale, only paid about 3 bucks for it. Then I beaded the saying “A Rose is a Rose” for the zipper pull. It is lined, has a zipper closure and one pocket inside.







I’m still trying to decide what I am going to do with this one and I don’t know what type of strap I am going to use. I’m not going to add anything else to it besides the zippered lining. All the buttons were hand sewn on all the pockets. I think the buttons is just enough.


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