New Purse in the works/canvas tote designs

Well I was up til 2:30 this morning. Can’t believe I was up at 9:00. Was suppose to be going away, but hubby didn’t feel well, but he felt good enough to play in his car port and build a work bench (in which I assisted). Now he can keep his tools out side and have them locked up so no one can steal them. They would have to carry two long large metal cabinets and a table top. Won’t be able to pick them up.

So after I finished my reversible tote bag yesterday I took a 2 inch piece of fabric with sunflowers and put them on the tote. I will eventually embroider sunflowers on this tote. I think I will use a different sunflower fabric for the reversible side.

Around 1 am this morning I got my second wind and went upstairs and grabbed my Robert Kaufman material I just bought. I wanted to put these chickens on a tote and wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.

Grabbed my hexagon template and started looking at the material. Cut three areas and then started to sew.

Aren’t they cute. I knew that that template would come in handy someday. Wanna see a closer picture of one….

You won’t believe this but then again maybe you will all three hexagons are pockets. Yup, pockets. I sewed around 4 sides and left two open. See that white circle on the left side. That’s the snap to close it. The other two have snaps up at the top. How useful huh!

When I return back to work on Tuesday, I am going to run across the street to the scrapbooking store to see if they still have the rubber stamps that I can make my own stamps. I think on the straps of this tote I want to make hen prints and then around the top of the tote, stamp eggs on the edging. Not sure yet about the lining, but a polka dot will work. I love this material so much I’d hate to use it as the lining.

Now to quickly show you what I’ve been working on today. I’m a tad tired but I am gonna try and get the lining done. So here is my KOI Fish Purse. 

This is a Amy Butler pattern, but I didn’t like the straps on this purse so I decided to put a chain strap on it instead. Neat material and I was lucky to find it at Hancock Fabrics. So are you wondering where I got the chain. Hmmm, wondering if I should tell you…. Nah I think I’ll wait. Let you either guess or send me a response where I might have gotten it. I’ve stopped looking lately, but that is because I have enough to hold me over for awhile.

Well my daughter is looking for me. She wants me to start the fire pit so she can burn her shirts from her old job. This will be her final good bye to that 3 years of employment.


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