Finish projects – “My Activity Book”


Closed Activity Book

Closed Activity Book

Today I decided instead of starting a new project finish one of the many you started.

Three weeks ago started a child’s activity book. Didn’t have any instructions to work from, just an example of one that was at my sewing store, DuPage Sew and Vac (Lisle, IL). They gave me one to work from. Next club I will bring it in to show.

The store had used clear plastic for the pocket that you put chalk/crayons/pencils in. I had some colored screening and used that instead. Figured screening will allow wet fabric to breath and plastic would possibly cause mold. Put the zipper in and that was three weeks ago as it sat.

I originally was going to put a decorative bias around the chalkboard fabric like the pocket, but realized that the fabric didn’t fray. Sewed three sides and before the fourth I slipped a piece of thick cardboard behind the chalkboard. The store only used a layer of timtex <sp> and it wasn’t stiff enough.

Inside of Activity Book

Inside of Activity Book

Behind the chalkboard fabric, I put in a large pocket so that you could slip a coloring book or drawing pad in the activity book. This allows the child more fun on trips and a firmer writing surface for that chalkboard.

I added the straps and a strap for a snap, then started to sew it together. I realized that I could not sew the top together because then I would be closing off the pocket for the coloring book.

I re-thought the design and top stitched the top on the zippered pocket side and then had to hand sew the pocket and exterior fabric by hand. Knowing this issue I will know how to avoid this on my next one.

I put on a heavy duty snap, you know kids, you have to have heavy duty so it doesn’t rip out.

I am pleased with my prototype and will make more of these for friends with small children. Me, children, yeah I have two but I don’t think they would use this, they are 21 and 25. I think this is a great little activity book for young children.

The next one I make I want to make another item either sewn in or behind in a pocket that has a tic tac toe board that is magnetic and if there is fabric out there, something that you can use dry erase pens on.

Activity book with coloring book showing in pocket behind chalkboard

Activity book with coloring book showing in pocket behind chalkboard

If you look at the above pictures, see the purse in the back ground with the ladies. That is another unfinished project that has to be completed. I have to put lining in it with pockets.  The zipper decided to fight with me and I got so frustrated I put it away for another day. I also have to rework the purchased canvas tote that I made the lining for that the lining is too small for the tote. Its only a couple of inches and it won’t take me long to correct that.


2 responses to “Finish projects – “My Activity Book”

  1. Where did you find your chalkboard fabric? I think this is a marvelous tool for children when traveling by car, plane , train or bus.


  2. clicketyclak

    Jo –

    I believe I purchased it 3 years ago at Hancock Fabrics (shows you how behind I am on doing projects).

    Go to they have the item on sale 9.65 and the shipping will be 3.95 if you use TNF808 as a coupon until 8/25/08. But if you never ordered from FABRIC.COM, I think your first shipping would be 2.95. You would have to check the home page.

    Glad you like it.



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