Machine Embroidery on Canvas

Sorry all but I’ve been playing with pictures and downloading.

I can’t believe that all the cards I have for my digital had pictures on them and I never put them to the puter, so that is what I was doing all night.

Still have to take pictures of my tote bag but I had to clear the cards first.

Here is a picture of one of my vintage ladies that I did on canvas and then I stretched in on a frame. If you would like to see the complete set, go to the sidebar and click on my etsy link.

How do you like it? It looks like a etching, but when you get close you see the stitches and you can feel the texture. 

I did some vintage bath tubs too, but I have to find them. I think I stretched those on frames, but I can’t remember.

Well thats it for tonight. Didn’t get much sleep last night had to call the county for disturbing the sleeping. Dang neighbors and their garage band! Whats with weeknights!


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