Dinner Disaster – Recipe Exchange

Oh did dinner become a disaster. I was in such a hurry to make boxed mac and cheese with hot dogs (too hot to cook). I boiled my water and put the noodles in. The pot was too small and well disaster. So I poured the stuff in a bigger pot and well then I over cooked the noodles. Thank goodness for Panda Express for lunch. As you can tell I didn’t eat and my daughter didn’t like it and I don’t think my husband even touched it. So were do I go with this… Here is my recipe for Shrimp Linguine. If it sounds like an easy, fast meal go ahead and take it to try, but in return, I would like you to post one of your favorite fast and easy meals to share with me. Consider this a recipe exchange. Lets see how many responses get going and then share mine with your friends. Now you have to realize, I work outside the home so I don’t measure I just dump together.

6 sticks of your favorite butter or margarine

Large Bag of frozen medium/large size shrimp either cooked or uncooked tail off

Large Bag of frozen broccoli florets or cut up fresh about 2 cupsĀ 

Garlic salt or real stuff

Linguine noodles (1 pkg)

Make sure shrimp and broccoli has been thawed before you prepare, if not the butter will harden once you add the ingredients.

Melt butter in large pot. Add garlic to your taste buds. Add shrimp. Start noodles. Cook shrimp/butter about 20 minutes (uncooked shrimp might take longer). Add broccoli and cook until they are the way you like them. Drain noodles. What I usually do is I layer noodles and then shrimp/broccoli a few times in the pot, then pour the butter over everything. You can also do a layer in a baking pan and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Its fast and easy and very good. I used to use more butter, but I’ve cut back and I sometimes use more broccoli cause I love broccoli. You can probably add other vegs like sugar peas and sliced carrots. You could possible also add lobster meat with the shrimp. So there are variations with this meal. My husband really likes it, especially the next morning when he heats it up for breakfast.

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Well gotta run and eat something – okay I’ll have some mac and cheese.


2 responses to “Dinner Disaster – Recipe Exchange

  1. That sounds so good – you know me, I never cook – don’t know how! But if you cook it, I’ll come eat it, lol! We ended up at Taco Bell tonight. Sigh.


  2. clicketyclak

    It’ll be cold by the time you get here, but then there’s breakfast with Chuck.


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