My First Post

Hi I’m Donna from Downers Grove, Illinois.

I’m new to blogging but figured what the heck.

I’m a crafter and am interested in all types of art. I am lucky that I find time for my hobby, sewing and machine embroidery. I was checking out some blogs and very impressed on some of them. Will have to read them more often so I have help on projects I’ve never tried.

Learned how to sew at an early age, mom was a seamstress. I’ll never be like her, but at least I can sew on more than a button. In 2001 I received my first embroidery machine from mom. It was a PE 180D. Then there was the Disney machine and finally I went and purchased the PR 600. I used the PE 180D for regular sewing until I won a Pfaff quilting machine. I would like to quilt, but I think because it takes so long to complete something, that is why I don’t like it so much. I like to see results in a matter of hours or days. Recently purchase the Viking Sapphire 830. I really do like it, but it has so much to offer I haven’t been able to check everything out on it. But I’ll get to play with it for a long time.

Currently I’ve been finding extra time (on and off a disability) to sew and embroider on days off. Yesterday evening I took the time to finally get my “shop” started on ETSY. My husband continues to say when are you going to sell all that stuff. Well you need to have lots of stuff made before you go out the door. I have a lot of items made now that I can start selling. Today he was informed that I am getting my feet wet to see how I can do. Next year I retire and can spend more time on my hobby.

I’m really excited about my shop as well as my blog. I hope that I get a chance to post often and am looking forward to hearing from other crafters. Want to share ideas, help others and even get pointers from you. I’ll share some pics and other stuff with everyone. Need to learn more about blogging and all the side bar stuff. When I was a moderator for a yahoo group, I had lots of fun with all the ladies on the board and we had lots of fun doing sewing projects competing for prizes. So if I had fun doing that, I should have fun here.

Well I guess I should run for now. I should have been in the sewing room today, but I have other stuff that needs to be addressed.


4 responses to “My First Post

  1. welcome fellow crafter!


  2. I love “first” posts. Congrats to you!!! What is your Etsy name would love to peek at your creations. Have a fabulous day!! Diane


  3. Hi Donna, I found you through the blog surfer and look forward to seeing the things you create. I would love to have a PR600 one day. I’ve got a Baby Lock Ellegante II and love it dearly but adding a PR600 to my machines would definitely increase the embroidery time I put in. I find myself doing more sewing than embroidery.

    I hope you enjoy blogging and will be checking back with you to see what you are up to.


  4. clicketyclak

    My Etsy name is the same as here – clicketyclak, that’s the noise a sewing machine makes. Wanted to go with u-nek DEsigns, but I goggled it and its already out there 😦

    Thanks for writing and I’m getting the hang of this now. Will post later.


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