In the sewing room

Well today I got up early and decided to sneak in the sewing room between my husband’s requests (we are Jeep lovers and he is working on a couple of Jeeps and well both of us are recouping from surgeries and he can’t use left side, I can’t use right)

Anyways today I am finishing off some tote bags that I embroidered with designs from EmbLibrary. I decided to line the bags. Bought some Debbie Mumm fabric couples of weeks ago at JoAnn’s. Gonna have to run and get some more cause I love the fabric.

Once I lined the bags with the fabric I noticed how beautiful they turned out and well, I plan on making some reversible totes with the fabric without embroidery. I can put a couple of pockets on the canvas side and in the inside as well. I can take some of the fabric and put on the handles too.

I called my sister in Florida to see if she will send me some that we split when our mom passed cause I am going to make a lot of them in all different styles. She’s gonna look for them. THANK YOU!!!!

When I get them finished, have 3 more to do, I will take pictures and post on here (once I figure out how to do it). Then they will go to ETSY later on.

Boy I wish I didn’t tell my boss at work I’d work another 6 months. Oh well, guess I will have to start taking my vacation.

Later and next post I will write about the Brother PR600, would love to have another one.



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